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Book our Flyer Distributors to Share 1000 Flyers at any Location in Lagos


More than just flyer distributors – Real Marketers

We believe ‘traditional flyer distributors’ are no longer enough – everyone who’s a part of your campaign needs to share your values and possess skills that go way beyond, superficially, ‘bringing your brand to life’ so that they truly connect with your audience.

We’ve got over 200 full-service staff, all of whom can confidently engage with your target audience face to face and are handpicked to match your needs based on their detailed profiles, values, skills and personality.

If you’re looking for Real People to represent your brand, look no where else. From recruitment to reward, our ways of working are flexible and human – because we believe people need to constantly react to an ever-changing world of experiential marketing.

At SkilPatron you’ll find: account handling, a full service creative studio, planning and insights, production, staffing, measurement and research. We put all these together to create ideas and experiences that span live events, festivals, flyer distributions, roadshows, retailer activation’s, PR drivers, guerrilla stunts, street marketing promotions, social media and digital campaigns, creative sampling, trade shows, corporate events, partnerships and much more.

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