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Why Use Our Newspaper Insertion Services

  • Cost Effective: our newspaper insertion services are highly cost-effective, up to 3 times less the cost of a newspaper publication.
  • High Response Rate: our newspaper insertion service has a high response rate. Our clients report prompt responses from their customers. Making it one of the most effective methods of gaining customers.
  • Targeted Marketing: we operate using demographic segregations. Placing your message directly to your customers.
  • Quality: our full-colour newspaper inserts are eye-catching and made using high-quality paper and popping colours.
  • Wide Reach: we reach a wide audience, appealing a diverse number of people using the same method of distribution.
  • Credibility: SkillPatron is fast becoming Nigeria’s number one choice when it comes to showcasing your brand. We believe in results; we’ve created a reliable, highly efficient system to circulate your message nationwide.


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Newspaper Insertion Services

Newspaper insertion is a direct, affordable means of directly promoting your business through paper leaflets placed into the local Newspaper, mini-catalogues, and new product launches. It is more cost-effective than the traditional advertising methods like Radio and Television advertisement. It has the advantage of paper circulation newspapers, which ensures your message is placed into the hands of your target audience. Plus, newspaper insertion is 1/10th the cost of a Newspaper advertisement.

The key advantage of the newspaper insert ad is, it stands alone, allowing readers to pull out and read through thoroughly.

SkillPatron is supported by a team of exceptionally skilled personals that offer Newspaper Insertion Services. We work in close collaboration with our clients, tailoring our services to fit their specific needs.

Benefits of Newspaper Insertion For Your Business

Cheap Means Of Advertising

Newspaper inserts can be inserted into any form of publication from newspapers, mini-coupons and other types of promotional publications. It is a lot cheaper to insert a full flyer than buy a page in a publication and the great part is, they both get into the hands of your customers. Despite the growing statistics revealing a decline in paper publications, research shows that inserts still reach approximately 50 million households weekly. With this number, expect your business to have at least 60% increase in patronize at a comparatively less significant cost.

Newspaper Inserts Bridge the Online and Offline Divide

Newspaper Inserts no doubt fall under the old-school method of advertising, which is a good thing. While it’s true that online advertising has become increasingly popular but the old-school approach, particularly in this part of the world, is highly effective. It is also the surest way of influencing the older audience.

Lasting Power

The one disadvantage with digital ads is that, their effect is very fleeting lasting just about one minute and can easily be forgotten. Newspaper inserts on the hand stick around for much longer, lying around in close proximity. How many times have you stumbled on a flyer in your house or office and contacted them for their products or services? Newspaper inserts give room for more interaction with your audience. While a digital ad campaign’s lifespan lasts a few days or weeks, the power of newspaper inserts is felt even after several weeks long after it is distributed.

Perfect For Targeting Sunday Shoppers

Getting your inserts into the weekend edition of the paper is the surest way of targeting weekend/holiday shoppers who usually have to wait the whole week to shop on weekends.

A Massive Audience

Paper publication still has a wide reach; millions of newspapers are published daily. About 83% of adults still depend on the morning paper for information. These numbers give you room to reach a massive audience and more so, customers that can actually afford your product or service.

Consumers love brands That Make Their Lives Easier

You’re a consumer; you’d understand that searching online for a particular product or service can be stressful and time-consuming. A newspaper insert saves the customer all the trouble of searching online and stumbling on spam pages. Even more, customers tend to trust brands that use newspaper inserts. If you haven’t incorporated newspaper insertion to your marketing campaign, it’s time to get started.

While many brands have migrated to digital adverts, print remains a highly effective way of reaching your potential clients. Newspaper inserts present a quick, affordable way of reaching a large number of people daily.

Newspaper Inserts Set Your Brand Apart

Inserts are a great way of standing out from your competitors. Most ads are generic, they all sound alike and use the same method of advertising. Newspaper inserts, on the other hand, offer something different, a method that easily captures the attention of your readers who are already in a reading mood. Consumers find it easier to tune advertising out, especially those that appear on their feed or when they’re just fiddling their phone. Newspaper inserts, on the other hand, reach them when they’re in a reading mood, making it easier to capture their attention.

They Are Highly Flexible

As mentioned earlier, a newspaper insert and is a full-page or postcard insert, inserted into paper publications like newspapers issues. Popular newspapers like Punch and Guardian Light pint millions of newspaper editions daily, thus, making them a flexible and highly effective way of reaching a wide audience.

In addition, newspaper inserts offer brands a highly impactful means of promoting their brand using a cost-effective method. Retailers typically use newspaper inserts to distribute coupon cards and promotional materials. It is perfect for drawing a crowd and a low-cost alternative to direct mail and other methods of advertisement like billboards, TV and radio ads. Other than the low cost, newspaper inserts are trackable. It’s easy to track and identify the newspaper that gets more visibility. This way, you know just where to put your brand.

Newspaper inserts can be ordered as coupon cards, single sheets, and can be printed in large or small formats. At SkillPatron we treat all our client on a client per client basis, tailoring our services to meet your specific needs. Our rates are based largely on the degree of circulation required including the cost of producing the flyers.

Call us today on 09084999920 and get started.


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Newspaper Insertion Services – Flyers & Pamphlets | 50K per 1000 Flyers
Newspaper Insertion Services – Flyers & Pamphlets | 50K per 1000 Flyers


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