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Mattress Cleaning in Lagos

Limpiar Mattress Cleaning Treatment in Lagos provides professional mattress cleaning services. We clean a mattress using a chemical safe mattress cleaning technology, using our 100% dry-cleaning methods.


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Mattress Cleaning

Limpiar Mattress Cleaning Treatment in Lagos provides professional mattress cleaning services. We clean a mattress using a chemical safe mattress cleaning technology, using our 100% dry-cleaning methods.

Almost everyone uses a mattress and while they’re so cosy, they make an ideal breeding ground for dust mites and bed bugs because of their warm and humid nature, which tends to harbour dead skin cells, body fluid residues like sweat, bacteria and microorganism. So, though it might not seem like it, your bed is likely the dirtiest furniture in your home. We recommend you deep-clean your mattress at least twice a year.

Deep-cleaning is a more intensive cleaning style that uses cleaning technology design to remove dirt particles embedded deep into the mattress. It is not your ordinary cleaning style that just cleans the surface of the mattress with a cleaning agent and some water. To maintain good bedroom hygiene and overall hygiene, you mattress requires regular deep-cleaning. Other than the fact that surface cleaning doesn’t properly get rid of the accumulated particles, the moisture and chemicals used can damage the cosy texture and the upholstery material of the mattress.

This is not to say to vacuum your mattress by yourself is dangerous, but for increased longevity and deep-cleaning, it’s best to leave it to the cleaning professionals. We use approved and chemical-safe mattress cleaning products to offer you the safest cleaning treatment.

Why Limpiar Mattress Cleaning Treatment?

  1. Guaranteed Safety

At Limpiar we adopt a cleaning technology specifically manufactured for mattress cleaning. All our cleaning products have been tested and approved by leading mattress manufacturers. They have been certified as safe for use and chemical free.

  1. 100% Dry

We use a 100% dry cleaning method free of moisture and chemicals. This way, your mattress remains dry during the cleaning and after the cleaning process is completed. We make sure cleaning your mattress is totally easy and convenient and most importantly, you can sleep on your mattress after the cleaning process is completed.

  1. 100% Chemical Safe

As mentioned earlier, our mattress cleaning method is done completely free of hazardous chemicals. Since we do not use moisture or chemicals to deep clean the mattress, there isn’t any possibility of chemical residues left behind after the cleaning process is done. Our cleaning method is safe for both adults and most importantly babies and young children.

  1. Proven Effective

Our deep cleaning method is designed to thoroughly get rid of the shed, decomposing dead skin cells, body fluid residue, bed bugs, dust mites and dust particles deeply embedded in the mattress. It has been proven that most skin allergies like eczema, rashes, and rhinitis are due to dust mites. Deep-cleaning helps prevent these issues.


How Does Limpiar Clean Mattress?

During the mattress cleaning process, we put the mattress through a pulverization process. Here, the dirt particles located within are vibrated into more microscopic, finer particles. These particles are then extracted into a tight woven filter bag.

After which, the mattress will be sanitized using a specially designed UV-C light. This process carefully disinfects the mattress. The final process involves another sanitation process with a chemical-safe solution to delay re-infestation of dust mites in the future.

Give us a call today and let’s make your mattress fresh as new in as little.

How Often Should You Clean Your Mattress?

You should deep clean your mattress at least twice every year. Your bedding should be cleaned at least once a week. You should clean your pillows at least twice in a year.

What Are The Benefits Of Cleaning Your Mattress

Every night, your body sheds about a gram of dead skin cells and releases about half a litre of sweat. This decomposing matter is absorbed by your mattress. As such, your mattress over time becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, fungal spores and dust mites. An average mattress houses up to 2 million dust mites, without mincing words, the mattress is unarguably the filthiest thing in your home. The following are the top benefits for deep-cleaning your mattress.

Your Mattress and Air Quality

Other than the regular sources of air pollution like paint, smoke, and your room’s air can be affected by contaminants in the air from the mattress. These contaminants include bacteria, dust mites and bugs. Deep cleaning your mattress at least twice a year helps get rid of all the dirt particles and improves the quality of air in your bedroom. You spend more time on your bed than anywhere else in your home- spending up to 8 hours every night and so it’s important to maintain good indoor air quality. Because, unhealthy indoor quality is one of the primary causes of health ailments like respiratory complications- asthma, skin irritations, and common cold symptoms like sneezing, fatigue and watery, pale eyes.

We make deep-cleaning so easy, doing the heavy lifting and deep-cleaning in the shortest time possible.

Allergy management and prevention

Health practitioners recommend the regular cleaning of the mattress to prevent common allergy ailments. The most common allergy ailments like asthma, rhinitis and eczema are triggered by house dust mites and their excretion mainly found in the mattress. Just as it’s critical to clean your house regularly, you need to ensure dust and house mites are thoroughly removed from your mattress in order to prevent allergic reactions, especially at night while you’re sleeping.

Good hygiene enables you Have total peace of mind and good health while sleeping

Sleeping on a clean and hygienic mattress will give you total peace of mind knowing you’re resting at night. Imagine sleeping on a bed filled with kilograms upon kilograms of dead skin flakes and dust particles together with millions of house dust mites crawling every night on your mattress. Getting quality good night sleep is one of the keys to retaining good health; improving your physical health, emotional wellness and great for stress relief. Good health depends on the amount of sleep you get every night. 


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Professional Mattress Cleaning Services in Lagos
Professional Mattress Cleaning Services in Lagos


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