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Whether you are in need of in-house cooking services or planning a private house party, casual corporate brunch, a group dinner, fun beach bbq, or an intimate celebration for close family and friends, we can cover your catering from the comfort of your home. At SkillPatron, we will help you create an unforgettable culinary experience, mesmerizing your guests with delicious meals. We can also provide a private cooking session with our Chef, offering you a one-on-one cooking class in the privacy of your own home, either as a couple, an individual, or a small group.


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Private Chef/Cook

From everyday delicious meals to an ultimate mouth-watering luxury experience, SkillPatron is your one-stop for hiring private chef services. We offer you and your family the absolute freedom to experience affordable meals and dining excellence right in your living room. We have got a variety of service options to choose from such as:

personal chef lagos

Personal Chef Lagos

Special Diet Private Chef

All our private chefs have been well trained to cook meals for special diet needs like food allergies, dietary restrictions, and generally healthier meals. Whether you need a chef that can make your weight loss journey an enjoyable reality or prepare meals for senior citizens with one health complication or the other, SkillPatron’s got you covered. Our chefs save you time and energy by shopping, cooking, cleaning up, and serving you meals that appeal to your taste buds.

Personal Chef Lagos

In-Home Private Chef

Are you a busy mom who’s got no time to cook for your family or perhaps would like to delegate cooking to a professional who can make healthy, homemade meals three times a day? Let a SkillPatron Chef help you.

Our Chefs are specially trained to work with one client at a time. We’ll take care of the shopping and depending on your meal preferences, draw up a menu. Let’s take care of the cooking while you rest and relax with your family.

book personal private chef lagos

House Party Catering

If you’re organizing a house party or a special event and you’re wondering how to go about the catering without all the fuss of hiring a catering company, we can help. Let’s help you pamper your guests and entice their taste buds with one of a kind culinary experience from your kitchen.

book personal private chef

We’ll work with you to decide how the menu should look like, giving every meal that special homemade taste. This covers the shopping, cleaning, and serving.

Regardless, of your situation, we can work with you. Give us a call today!

At SkillPatron, our Chefs are properly equipped and trained to provide you with the following:

  • Weekly meals tailored to fit your specific dietary and nutritional needs
  • In-house dining services for memorable events for family time and group events.
  • Culinary service options for people with special diets and seniors.
  • Cooking Lessons and home menu.
  • Special requests dining options.
  • Professional etiquettes.

At SkillPatron, we specialize in connecting people in search of nourishing, affordable meals to well-trained personal chefs. All it takes is one phone call.

book personal private chef

book personal private chef

Why do you need a Private Chef Service?

A Private Chef Service offers you and your family great tasting, healthful, affordable meals in the comfort of your home without the daily stress of shopping and cooking. Providing the maximum convenience of meal preparation in your home. A breakdown of our Private Chef Services includes the following:

Customized Menu Planning

Our Chefs take out the time to learn each family’s and individual preferences like if you love pepperish food, hate garlic, likes swallow We use this collated information to design a personalized menu to suit each individual’s taste.

Grocery Shopping

Going shopping can be hectic and to say the least annoying. With SkillPatron, you don’t have to worry about standing on long queues or bargaining prices in a crowded market. Our Private Chef Service Package includes shopping for you. We get the freshest, most affordable ingredients directly from farm owners before coming to your home to prepare your meals.

book personal private chef

book personal private chef

In-Home Meal Preparation

Tired of eating out every day?

Life can get busy and if you have a demanding schedule, it makes it even harder to make healthy meals. One of our Private Chef can come to your house and prepare multiple meal types in your kitchen to sustain you for a while.

Our services are extremely flexible, we can work around your schedule, choosing a time that’s most convenient for you.


Storage and Cleanup

Of course, there’s no way in hell we’ll leave your kitchen with a dirty sink, pots and pans or greasy stove. Our Private Chef Service package includes cleaning up after preparing meals and storing your meals in your refrigerator or freezer. We’ll leave your kitchen sparkling clean and your meals properly packed and stored.


Cleaned kitchen, fresh homemade meals packed in your refrigerator… it’s time to relax and enjoy mouth-watering meals.

Our Private Chef Services provides you great tasting nutritious meals at an affordable price at your convenience.

book personal private chef

book personal private chef

Why should you choose a SkillPatron Private Chef?

  • Inexpensive, homemade meals exactly the way you want them.
  • Timely services; proper planning, going to the market on time, and getting your meals made in record time.
  • Well-trained chefs with years of experience who are versatile and can work with personalized culinary needs.
  • Professional Chefs, who have a knack for hygiene and are personable.
  • All our Chefs have been thoroughly cross-checked. We understand the importance of safety and trust and so, we run background checks on all our chefs ensuring you’re in safe hands.
  • Our Chefs are polite, friendly and are bonded by the universal code of respect and good work ethics.
  • Our services are on a contract basis and are extremely flexible. Irrespective of how busy your schedule is, we can work with you.
  • We can change your menu on a weekly basis.
  • We have got meal plans options for adults, children, special dietary needs, and seniors.
  • Our Chefs work to prepare delicious meals based on you and your family’s dietary needs, likes/dislikes, and food preferences.


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Book a Private Chef or Cook in Lagos
Book a Private Chef or Cook in Lagos


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