CityMarketing is a full-service brand experience agency, specializing in town storming, roadshows, BRT/Keke/Bus Wraps, brand activation's and experiential marketing. We unite brands with their target audiences through live experiences, digital engagement and traditional marketing. With strategic insight, inspired creatives, and flawless execution, CityMarketing tells your story and brings your brand message to life.

With us you there are no instances of common sharp practices where your flyers, leaflets or promotional items are thrown at people or the thrash bins or given to the wrong audience. As the pioneers of flyer/leaflet distribution GPS tracking in Nigeria, along with our other quality control measures we invite all our clients to come along on what we call the ‘Ride Along with the Team’ service. We simply pick you up from your home/office & drop you off when your campaign ends. This way you’ll be able to join your assigned team of highly trained & experienced field supervisors & distributors (all branded in your company t-shirts) to see for yourself how we monitor and track to ensure your flyers are delivered exactly as you want. You’ll be able to witness firsthand, the groundwork we put in to make sure all your flyers, leaflets or promotional items are delivered to the correct audience, age-group, gender, areas, streets, churches, mosques, malls, estates & other public places you wish to target.

We are an experiential marketing agency that believes in pushing boundaries and creating impactful experiences. When planning an experiential marketing campaign, we utilize a variety of strategies to deliver for our clients including:
Brand Activation's & Roadshows
Interactive road shows in a variety of environments – activation’s in key, high traffic transit locations nationally.
Campus Storms
Driving awareness among the youth in all major Nigerian Universities including pageants, concerts, competitions & brand events.
Field sales
Merchandising dedicated teams of brand ambassadors driving sales, distributing stock to drive the desire to purchase.
Ride Along with the Team
We pick you (or your representative) up from your home or office before the campaign & drop you off when the campaign ends.
Free Branded T-Shirts
It has been proven that people are more receptive to distributors on branded shirts. We won’t leave your marketing to chance!
Track your Campaign
With our tracking on the go you can follow our distributing crew in real time from your desktop, laptop or smartphone.
Guaranteed 2-5% Response Rate
Only DDB Lagos, Insight Nigeria, Leo Burnett, Noah’s Ark & TQC can match our response rates, yet we are a dozen times cheaper!
Design & 24-hour Express Printing
Order your flyers before 11am on any working day and we GUARANTEE to print and dispatch the very same day for delivery.
Free Online Distribution & Marketing
We will publish an SEO Friendly Press Review about your brand on our online mag & make it trend on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin
Newspaper Insertion Service
We run Newspaper inserts in the busiest spots in Ikoyi, Victoria Island, VGC, Ajah & Marina/CMS – Guardian, Vanguard, Punch & ThisDay
Street Marketing Permits
We take care of all relevant authority paperwork from LASAA, KAI & LASEPA to ensure no disruption of activities at the busiest key areas.
Daily Reporting Style
Reports will be emailed daily in the following formats live GPS logging & tracking details, Snapshots, Pictures, and Videos.

Our Disruptive Pricing Plans

Our packages are based on holistic approaches we would take to ramp up at least a 2 to 5% response rate from your marketing campaign. By response rates we mean the number of your email & phone enquiries, online orders/reservations, appointment requests, sales, walk-in customers all in addition to the general brand awareness of your business. Our daily timelines for any marketing campaign is from Monday to Sunday (from any one of the available windows 6:30am to 9:30am, 2pm to 4pm, and 4pm to 7pm.

  • Ride Along

    Personalised ‘Ride-Along” & highly targeted BTL marketing solution
    ₦18 per leaflet
    Without a 'Ride Along' flyer distribution system it’s impossible to get good results because the job will not get done. We realised very early on that no matter what you do, even with our GPS tracking system people will cut corners if they are not properly supervised 'full' time.
    • Scope of work plan
    • Ride Along service
    • 4 Free Branded T-shirts
    • Promotional Girls
    • At least 2-5% Response Rate
    • Permits
    • Daily Reports
    • Twitter Marketing
    • Instagram Marketing
    • One Car & Team of 4
    • MOQ: 2500 Leaflets Daily
    • Option to Watch Live Stream
    • Creative Meeting & Planning
  • Newspaper

    Focused Targeting on a Link Between Print & Digital
    ₦50 per insert
    Newspaper insert advertising delivers customers. Whether you call the pages of ads and coupons that appear in your daily, Sunday and weekly newspapers flyers, circulars or inserts, one thing is for sure – they get results!
    • Scope of work plan
    • The Guardian
    • Vanguard
    • *The Punch
    • This Day
    • Business Day
    • The Nation
    • Nigerian Tribune
    • The Sun
    • Complete Sports
    • Daily Times
    • Intra-state inserts
    • Nationwide inserts
    • Target an LCDA
  • eCommerce

    30-Day Marketing for Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Brands
    Are you sitting on top of a pile of unsold stock? Want to make it big in e-commerce, but don’t know where to start? Or have an online store that visitors exit without buying? Use our easy to implement process for the eCommerce side of any industry including: apparel, jewelry, accessories, eyewear, beauty, skincare & other luxury categories of fashion.
    • Scope of work plan
    • Product photography
    • Linesheet development
    • At least 5-10% Response Rate
    • Sell on Google
    • Sell on Jiji
    • Sell on Jumia
    • Sell on Konga
    • Instagram Marketing
    • Twitter Marketing
    • Weekly social media designs
    • Setup Facebook shop
    • Weekly flyer distribution
  • ATL

    Distribute 10K flyers for very broad reach ‘Above The Line' Marketing
    ₦6 per leaflet
    We provide a Team of up to 50 distributors. This plan does not include free branded T-shirts (3K per shirt).
    • Ride Along service
    • Free Branded T-shirts
    • ≈ 1% Response Rate
    • GPS Tracked
    • Newspaper Insertion
    • Permits
    • Report
    • Online Distr. & Twitter Trend
    • Creative Meeting & Reporting
    • In-Person Marketing Strategy
  • Auto Ads

    Stickers on Buses & "Keke" NAPEPs
    ₦50 per Ad
    Hyperlocal Advertising - Auto Hood Ads, Auto Back Panel Ad, Auto Rickshaw Branding & Bus Windows.
    • Ride Along service
    • Always On-the-go
    • Runs In Every Nook & Corner
    • GPS Tracked
    • Permits
    • Daily Reports
    • Online Distr. & Twitter Trend
    • Minimum 100
    • In-Person Branding Strategy
    • All Prominent Cities
  • BRT Ads

    BRT Bus Fleet Advertising
    from ₦170,000
    Branding BRT bus fleets boosts name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising.
    • Route 1: Ajah to TBS/CMS
    • Route 2: Oshodi to CMS
    • Route 3: Ogba to Obalende
    • Route 4: Abesan to Mile 2
    • Route 5: Igando to Oshodi
    • Route 6: Berger to Obalende
    • Route 7: Sango-TG to Oshodi
    • Route 8: Ikorodu Town to CMS
    • Route 9: Yaba to CMS
    • Route 10: Oshodi to Obalende
  • Roadshow

    Sales & Brand Activations
    ₦480,000 - 1 Day
    The roadshow could be located at a market square or indoors in a suitable space, or under marquee cover, and could be held as a separate event or part of an existing bigger festival, cultural occasion, or similar.
    • Ride Along service
    • Roadshow Truck & DJ
    • At least 5-10% Response Rate
    • 1 Emcee & 4 Skaters
    • 2 Dancers & 3 Promo Girls
    • Activation/Branding Permits
    • 15 Branded Shirts + Gazebo
    • Online Distr. & Twitter Hype
    • Roll up Banners/Backdrop
    • In-Person Marketing Strategy

We don't fancy vendor-customer relationships. We run true partnerships.

Your promotional materials will be viewed by customers on-the-go. Your printed promotional item has just a few seconds to catch someone’s eye and deliver a message. There is a science behind effective flyer distribution for just that reason. SkillPatron’s City Marketing Team will apply that science to create flyer distribution campaigns that yields results. Whether you outsource your entire marketing department to us or just your flyer distribution, SkillPatron’s City Marketing services will handle the strategy and implement the tactics to meet your objectives – so you can focus on your day-to-day.

Outsource Your Marketing to Us

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One task at a time.

100% Risk Free Flyer Distribution, BRT Bus Branding, Brand Activation, Roadshows & Experiential Marketing

With us you there are no instances of common sharp practices where your flyers or other promotional materials are thrown at people or the thrash bins or given to the wrong audience. Getting to know our clients’ business on a deep level and creating effective marketing to achieve their objectives is the greatest joy in our work. We are known for meeting employees, being at the store, learning about the products, and more. We’ve found that our close relationship with our clients allows us to constantly come up with fresh ideas and messages that are unique to each client’s “voice”.

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Everyday, we talk about being brave – a lot – creating work that gets noticed and achieves results. We’re forever on the hunt for fresh ideas, whether in Street Marketing, Brand Activations, Roadshows, Experiential Marketing, Flyer & Leaflets Distribution, Bus Sticker Advertising, Branding, Creative Design, Web development, SEO, SEM, Social Media and more.

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