• Buy 4000 Youtube Watchtime hours for Monetization and 1000 Youtube active subscribers
  • Buy Youtube Watchtime hours 4K
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Buy 4000 Watch Hours Time for Youtube Monetization (includes 1K Real & Active Subscribers)

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Full refund if your channel is not approved for monetization

Sharing your content is simple but being eligible to run ads on your Youtube channel requires you to grow your youtube channel with at least 1K active subscribers and 4,000 Watch Time Hours, a milestone that can be quite tough to reach, especially for newbie youtube content creators. With SkillPatron’s YouTube Channel 4K Watch Time Hours service, you can increase your watchtime hours the quicker and easier way as we ensure your YT channel receives the watch time hours (and active 1K subscribers) needed to apply for youtube channel monetization and get you making money from ads on all your youtube videos.

  • Same-day Start with 24/7 Support
  • includes 1K real & active subscribers
  • 100% Unique Traffic from real human YouTube viewers
  • User Interactions includes LIKES & Comments/Shares
  • Windows Desktop Watch Page
  • Social Referrers, Avg Concurrent 1000-3000+* will watch for at least 1 hour
  • Over-Delivery Guaranteed
  • No Cancellation can be done after the order started
  • No Password Required
  • 100% Safe & Private
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Benefits of buying YouTube Watch Hours & Subscribers from SkillPatron

  • Help your channel get monetized quickly
  • 100% safe and legal
  • Create a stable growth & Increase the chance to get suggested
  • Push your channel’s growth in a long run
  • Friendly support team available 24/7
  • Full refund if your channel is not approved for monetization
  • At least 4000 watch time hours will be added to your YouTube video.
  • The service is absolutely safe and there will be no sanctions from YouTube.
  • ️Premiere videos, live video streaming, the embedding of disabled video are not accepted.
Buy Youtube Watch Time hours Monetization
Safe, Reliable Service To Boost Your Channel & Get More Watch Hours Quicker. Pay Securely Online 247. No Logins or Passwords Required. Backed by 247 Customer Support. Buy With Confidence. No Logins Required. Boost Your Watch Time Views Now.

Why is buying 4000 Public Watch Hours on YouTube so important?

If you are looking to run ads on your YT channel watch time hours are one of the deciding factors for eligibility to monetize on YouTube, very simply put buying YouTube watch hours is the fastest way to achieve running ads on your youtube videos.

What does “Buy YouTube Watch Time” mean?

For anyone to get adverts showing on their youtube videos YouTube has set 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers as the benchmark for eligibility to apply for the YouTube Partner Program. It is only after achieving this metric that any creator can start earning income from their youtube content.

Is buying 4000 hours of Watch Time a popular practice?

To be frank, anyone who is looking to make money from their YouTube content has the same requirement to get 4000 hours of watch time even though they might approach getting the 4000 hours of watch time differently.  

It’s no news a newbie YouTuber might find it hard to set up a YT channel with evergreen content and build up a solid fan base, in this case buying watch time hours for YouTube is the easier way to go. The same goes for even advanced users who manage multi-youtube channels buying 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers can be the easier solution to quicken the time you have to wait for monetization.




How does it work buying 4000 Youtube Watchtime hours for monetization work?

Before we can help you on your journey to 4000 watch time hours and 1K subscribers on your youtube channel we will first check and help you improve your channel’s shortcomings, such as copyright content strikes, video quality settings, organic subscribers growth, and more, to ensure you already comply with YouTube’s acceptable use policy. Once this is out of the way we proceed to promote your youtube videos to your audience on the social networking sites recommended by YouTube. To ensure you run ads that’s how we help you fulfill YouTube’s monetization conditions safely and quickly.

Buy 4000 Youtube Watchtime hours for Monetization and 1000 Youtube active subscribers
Buy 4000 Youtube Watchtime hours for Monetization and 1000 Youtube active subscribers

Why should you choose SkillPatron to grow your watch time hours?

At SkillPatron we aren’t only selling watch time monetization services but ultimately focus on helping emerging YouTube creators with the best strategy to grow any YouTube channel, as well as to be approved to monetize and generate passive income.

What is SkillPatron’s requirement to start growing my YouTube channel for monetization with 4K Watchtime hours & 1K subscribers?

We do not require your youtube channel to have videos 1-2 hours in length but it helps. If it’s impossible to have a 1-2hours long video then your videos must be over 5 minutes each and the total of your Youtube channel’s duration has to be over 60 minutes. From our experience, YouTube channels with a duration of at least 60 minutes have more retentive and quicker results when reviewed for eligibility by Youtube for monetization. 


Beginning from the 1st of November, monetizing creators using their YouTube channels to gain access to YouTube Studio or YouTube Studio Content Manager have to turn on their 2-Step verification on their Google Account. Learn more.

New modification in August 2021: This article was updated in August. The update contains the eligible requirements one needs to join the YouTube Partner Program.

What is YouTube Partner Program (YPP)?

It is a monetizing creator that gives more access to YouTube features and resources. For example, YPP gives unrestricted access to the Creator Support team. They can also approve revenue sharing from adverts that are on your content. This article reviews the following about YouTube Partner Program.

  • Joining criteria
  • Available features 
  • Checklist application
  • Other diverse Frequently Answered Questions on YPP.

The YouTube channel monetization policies are multiple related policies that permit one to make money on YouTube. Before being a YouTube partner, you must have already agreed to comply with these monetization policies during sign-up because you would not make potential earnings on YouTube without them. Some of these policies are:

  • Must not have active Community Guidelines strikes on your channel.
  • Should have at least  4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months.
  • You must have at least 1,000 YouTube subscribers.
  • Must have a linked google AdSense account.
  • Must have a YouTube Partner Program application checklist.

Any eligible interest, especially one who has met with these thresholds, can apply for YPP, but they must also meet some essential guidelines within our policies. This list of requirements is supposed to guide any creator through the application process. 

Ensure that the 2-Step Verification for the Google Account is on to ensure protecting your account with two passwords – your original password and the second layer of authentication. 

Your YouTube channel must also follow our guidelines and policies. Note that this does not affect any active Community Guidelines. Once someone applies, they will go through a standard review process. Only youtube channels that meet this threshold will be accepted. In addition, from time to time, Youtube’s Support Team performs a continuous check on its program to ensure that every registered youtube channel meets our guidelines and policies. 

Having a minimum of 4,000 authentic watch hours and 1,000 subscribers is also a good start. Each time we go through channels for the YouTube Partner Program, our interest is to find content. Anyone who attains such a threshold means that they have a lot of content on their channel. This threshold assists our program in keeping all accounts in check and ensuring they meet our guidelines and policies. Creators are free to apply for YPP once they meet up with the threshold. 

Terms to meet before signing into YPP

When a creator reaches the required number of public watch hours and Subscribers, they will get notified by YPP. So, immediately they reach the threshold; they should:

  1. But, first, Sign in to YouTube.
  2. At the top right, they should click on their profile picture and then click on YouTube Studio.
  3. At the left menu, they should click on monetization.
  4. After that, they should click on “Notify me when I’m eligible” to get an email. Adsense applicants will receive an email as long as they have 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers in the past 12 months. 
  5. After receiving the email, they should click Start on the “Review Partner Program terms” card.
  6. Once they have signed the term, we will verify this step with a green “Done” sign on the “Review Partner Program terms” card. 
  7. Youtube Creators must not create more than one AdSense account because they need to connect to only one AdSense account to get paid. 
  8. Next is to Click Start on the “Sign up for Google AdSense” card.

If they already have an approved AdSense account, they should use it. If any creator does not have an AdSense account, they can create one by following the instructions on the screen.

Again, once they get connected to their AdSense account, a green “Done” verification sign will be indicated on the “Sign up for Google AdSense” card.

Reviewing Application

As soon as creators sign up for YouTube partner program terms and link their AdSense account instantly, your channel gets placed in review order.  Google’s automated systems and persons assigned with the responsibility of reviewing applications will review the content on their media to ascertain if their channel complies with all the guidelines. Creators can check their application status anytime at

Once you get admitted into YPP,  Google will send a  congratulatory message to you! You can therefore proceed to install ad preferences and activate monetization on their uploads. Below is a well-compiled list of FAQs that we receive from creators who recently joined the app.

Supposing YPP rejects your application: If this happens, know that reviewers have discovered that an essential part of your channel doesn’t comply with our policies and guidelines. Creators can only apply again after 30 days. Take a look at our FAQs for helpful tips on how to strengthen your application.

The process to be Reviewed.

  • Their application will be placed in line as soon as they reach our subscribers and watch time thresholds.
  • They should hold non-active community guidelines strike.
  • They should link their AdSense account.
  • Persons assigned to review will evaluate these channels wholly to ascertain if their accounts are in line with our set policies for YouTube channel monetization. 
  • We usually give all creators feedback based on if they meet the threshold, and it takes about one month to take this decision.

Note: At times, youtube creators may be required to wait for more than a month. There may be several reasons for the delays. Other reasons may be the massive volume of applications, setup issues, etc.  Sometimes we may need to move resources for verification. Our policy experts endeavor to review applications as quickly as possible, but delays may still occur since there is a limited number of experts.

Can YPP hasten applications? 

The Youtube team can not hasten any application.  Every YPP application is placed in a queue and processed in the order in which they were received.

Some youtube channels need several reviews, precisely when several reviewers do not meet the channels standards for YPP. Therefore, several studies may be required. That is, it will take a longer time to come to a decision.

Remain up and doing to continue making money

As the YouTube Partner Program keeps developing, it’s essential to maintain a healthy, operative ecosystem of channels. To channel our support for diligent creators that are busy with the community. Channels that haven’t uploaded a video or published to the community tab for up to 6 months or more may be; that deactivated from monetization.

Frequently asked questions when applying.

  • What if creators do not meet the program threshold?
  • What is the meaning of “valid public watch hours”?
  • If creators meet the threshold, do they automatically gain access to YPP?
  • What happens when a creator’s counts drop below the threshold after applying?
  • What if a creator has already applied in Creator Studio Classic?
  • If a creator is no longer in YPP (or never in the program) and they see ads on their videos. Can they earn revenue from those ads?


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27 reviews for Buy 4000 Watch Hours Time for Youtube Monetization (includes 1K Real & Active Subscribers)

  1. trueloyalt

    This service bundle did what it said it was supposed to do, however, it took 2 or 3 more days of extensions to complete the subscriber portion. If you are willing to wait a bit more than a week this will get the job done.

  2. joshuajohnsen

    Sometimes on the internet people overpromise and underdeliver. yukiko & her team definately OVERDELIVERED! she offers great guidance and the service EXACTLY as promised. she will tell you honestly, if she doesn’t think something will work, based on her experience. The channel was monetised without issue. She gave me extra, views for free, as part of the order. I’d definately use again, in fact I am on my second order.

  3. sandysw

    The people who work for skill patron are nice people happy to work with and helped me and in all the inputs I have for them. I would definitely get back if i have to work anything again Thank a lot guys.

  4. davidcardon

    Precise and efficient service! He did exactly as described, and my channel was just accepted into the YT Partner program. No TOS issues, straight to approved less than 24h after hitting the requirements.

  5. thenbasfuture9

    Yukiko and her team did a phenomenal job promoting my channel. They got my channel to the prerequisite requirements for YouTube Partner Program within 60 days and then it took 3 days for my channel to get monetized. YouTube will not grant you monetization if your videos don’t complyWithTheirGuidelines

  6. grimhir

    An absolute pleasure to work with, the order took a little longer due to no fault of skill patron, but I became monetized just as promised. One small side note is that the subscribers I gained didn’t seem to be very interested in the content I make, which was a shame…as I now have to think of tweaking my content to become more acceptable and consumable

  7. krbosstj

    This site delivered way better than advertised so I highly recommend them, I will definitely recommend them, and if I ever start a new project your service will definitely be the one that I use!!

  8. peterrunge551

    Second project delivered successfully by Skillpatron. Once again, good, honest advice given and my project delivered before the agreed due date. I will definately deal with Sefy again. Really professional work done, as expected.

  9. butnu100

    Skillpatron staff was great to work with. they delivered on their promise and I can finally get officially started with my channel. Thank you. I’ll be back.

  10. fvillarrealr

    Order Now / Its works – Just you pay the money and be patient. Skillpatron will delivery.

  11. tcon1to123

    thankyou ! good job

  12. skygrynd3r_7

    Gave me wonderful results with watchtime hours, thank you very much

  13. hugghz

    Wow excellent result! My channel reached monetization at a record time. I can’t believe how many subscribers I got within the few minutes I ordered. I contacted yukiko from skillpatron, she was available immediately, communication has been solid, very patient when answering all my questions, I am really impressed with her professional approach, she is a true expert in youtube videos promotion. Would recommend to anyone and will be using their services again!

  14. garypaul124

    Helped me monetize 2 channels Many thanks.

  15. tentinytoes

    Did exactly what they said they would do. I’m currently in review for monetization. Will definitely hire them again.

  16. advertifyco

    Excellent delivery. excellent communication. delivered as promised. Got monetized in just a day ..

  17. dts9292

    The site did a great job. Now here’s to hoping to get approved for monetization.

  18. shanejules934

    Helped me reached YouTube requirements and was approved within 3 days. Thank you so much.

  19. dfjames

    This watchtime service was fast and efficient. I received the required number of watch hours and large number of new subscribers well ahead of the deadline.

  20. crossfade473

    meet you YouTube requirements as fast as you can to start monetizing. skill Parton delivered on time as promised. This legit works

  21. beginnerbryce

    READ THIS COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW -Skillpatron was excellent to work with and communication was quick with different time zones. -If you are looking for a “white” US audience, don’t expect it here. – If you are thinking of the add on promotion for likes/comments, they will be English speaking but may not be white Americans. Other than that they will deliver you real subs, watch time hours, likes, comments. Subs will probably watch your video for at least an hours but might not engage -I’ll strongly recommend this service only if your goal is for reaching the minimum for monetization without bots. If you reach and apply, it will be up to your content to be approved When the gig finished, I qualified, applied and got approved in 2 days! Will use again.

  22. olamalta

    If you want one person to help you with youtube, skillpatron is the expert and right man for you.

  23. iammuttan

    When it comes to YT promotion and marketing, most other sites charge less but the result is not so great and the trust is not there. But Skillpatron has been amazing to work with. I always feel respected and the result is consistent. It’s a good feeling when you actually get what you paid for and the site’s support team goes beyond for you. Thanks again, til next time!

  24. mreman81

    Site was very professional and quick to communicate. The items were delivered just as stated. Keep in mind this is set to reach the number of subs and watch time needed to obtain monetization status. If you’re looking for subs who will continue to watch videos, comment, etc…, this is not the purpose of the product and most likely will not happen.

  25. realspraypaint

    Would recommend if you need monetization quickly for a business channel or something similar. You lose the enjoyment of getting your milestones yourself, but if you need it then go for it.

  26. mike012

    I met the sub requirements AWHILE ago but watch hours can be difficult to get. This expedited the process! I wholly recommend!

  27. happylivecc

    One of the best services online without any doubt. they always recommend the option to choose and the growth is definitely organic. I would highly recommend and will definitely work with him again.

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