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What’s Included In Your Standard SkillPatron Mobile DJ Package

Our Professional Mobile DJ service always includes the following:

  • A highly trained, friendly, professional and Experienced Mobile Disc Jockey (DJ)
  • Premium quality sound system and a backup sound system.
  • An effective lighting system that goes hand in hand with the music. Our lighting system works on a Sound-to-Light basis. This means that each unit will change colours and patterns to suit the beat of the music. Our lighting systems are a combination of Gas Discharge Lamps and LED Technology.

Whether you’re hosting a private party, a wedding ceremony, a birthday party or even a corporate event, SkillPatron is your number one partner to ensure you have a splendid time.

We would love to work with you.  Let us know about your upcoming events and let’s make sure it’s a massive success. Call us today on 09084999920


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Professional Mobile DJ for a Day

Let’s talk about music for a bit. Music in the hands of just anybody is just music but in the hands of a SkillPatron’s DJ, it’s a climax of beats that gets the whole room moving. When it comes to picking the right DJ for an event, you need a DJ who simply doesn’t know how to play a few tunes but a musical genius that can read, understand your crowd perfectly and play for any event irrespective of cultures, ages, and music preferences. At SkillPatron, we’ve got the ideal DJ for you.

Among all the key elements that make a party come alive, the ambience- background music and dance beats are totally unforgettable and can make or break your party. A wrong choice of music can ruin the joyful mood of your party, and we both know you don’t want that. Let’s help you plan a party that leaves your guests cheering you for months.

At SkillPatron our DJs are professionally trained and have vast amounts of experience that ensures you have a swell time. Successful DJ’ing consists of a collection of attributes and cannot be replicated by an amateur. Our mobile services include the following:

mobile dj lagos

mobile dj lagos


Having quality sound & lighting systems enable clear sound audio without interference or irritating undertones. Our sound and lighting systems produce clean, clear sounds without the need to overdrive the sound system or irritate your guests with shrieking sounds or extremely loud music that inhibits close-range conversations.


Our DJs are professional and incredibly versatile with an inept ability to Read-the-Crowd and determine the mood to play the next choice of music. This allows all your guests to hear and enjoy the type of music that they can relate to. Good music can incite your crowd moving them through eras like the 90s, 80s and urban music across different genres in a seamless transition that suits the ambience of the event. All our DJs have exceptional knowledge in all music eras and a broad music collection.


As mobile DJs, we take into consideration your infrastructure requirements and put in place a backup contingency plan like a stand-by DJs, backup equipment, and technical crew to cover your event in case of an unforeseen circumstance.


Our rule of thumb is, you receive exceeding value for the price you pay. Our overall service offers all that’s needed to make your party a success.

Why do you need a SkillPatron DJ

Good Music

Music is one of the top contributing factors that determine the overall success of any event. Music totally sets the right vibe, and the choice of music regulates the moods of your guests. Starting from the right “Arrival Music” right through to the “Party time music.”

Our exceptional mobile DJs go beyond playing a few songs from an iPod or Laptop. They involve creativity and the right set of skills to ensure the smooth flowing order of tunes.

Our Unique Ability To Read The Crowd

There are many DJs there; in fact, any Tom, Dick & Harry with a wide selection of music can call himself a DJ. However, one of the top ways of telling an amateur from a professional is by their ability to read the crowd and play a song that gets them in the right mood. Our mobile DJs understand the different genres and can read your crowd according to their age, cultural preference and their reaction to certain songs.

The ability to read-the-crowd is a skill that’s mastered over a given period of time. Our DJs evaluate your event, scanning through to determine the predominant age group, culture and the body language of your guests. All these factors determine the choice of songs ensuring each guest hears a song they like.

Reading-the-crowd also means being professional enough to accept special requests from your guests without interruption or creating a fuss.

Why Choose SkillPatron’s Mobile DJs

  • We employ a team of highly trained DJs who are passionate and can guarantee success and client satisfaction at any type of event.
  • Our equipment and sound systems are of the highest quality, producing exceptional, clean and unadulterated beats.
  • Our DJs conduct a pre-function meeting with you or your team to discuss your requirements, event proceedings and your music preferences.
  • We always have a contingency plan consisting of standby technical crew, equipment and DJ, in case of an emergency or an unforeseen circumstance.
  • Our DJs own the moment and are experts at reading any crowd.
  • Our professional and versatile DJs are open to playing all music preferences from the 1950’s to the most current hits and all genres as well like the latest Niaja jams, Afrikaans, Country, House, Rock, Afro-Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, Soul music and many more.
  • Our DJs always accommodate music requests from guests and play them at the appropriate time.
  • We adhere and are bonded by professional work ethics. Our DJs are friendly, down to earth and lively.
  • Our standard setup include: Sound, Effect Lighting, cordless Microphone and a Smoke Machine (which can be provided on request)
  • Our DJs are always properly dressed to suit your event.


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Book a Professional Mobile DJ for a Day
Book a Professional Mobile DJ for a Day


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