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When you open your doors to business, customers will not be ready with cash to spend, clients will not be logging on to place orders on your website or Instagram page, the telephone will not ring itself. Whether you are building a retail store, an online business, or a service business, you must sell.

No matter how good your product is, it will not sell itself.

Success in business is not an entitlement; it is a right that has to be earned through marketing, promotion, and putting your offering in front of customers. Our highly sophisticated flyer distribution methods cover everything you need to do to make you, your customers, and your bottom line happy.

Some of our flyer distribution strategies are more appropriate for some types of businesses than others. But whatever you do the notion of selling should be ingrained into you, your business, your employees, and everything you do.

Contact us today via https://skillpatron.com/citymarketing to help you “Get out there and sell”.


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We need details like 1. The nature of your business 2. Describe your ideal customer profile? e.g Middle-aged female professionals with kids who live and work in Lekki Phase One 3. What actions do you expect your target audience to do when they look at your flyer? e.g call, download, visit you etc 4. What locations are you looking at? 5. How many copies are you looking to distribute? Do you have them printed at the moment?

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We provide one car, a team of 4 flyer distributors. This plan comes with 4 free Branded T-shirts.

  • Ride Along service
  • Free Branded T-shirts
  • At least 2-5% Response Rate
  • GPS Tracked
  • Newspaper Insertion
  • Permits
  •  Daily Reports
  • Online Distr. & Twitter Trend
  • Creative Meeting & Planning
  • In-Person Marketing Consultancy & Advice

With us you there are no instances of common sharp practices where your flyers are thrown at people or the thrash bins or given to the wrong audience. As the pioneers of flyer distribution GPS tracking in Nigeria, along with our other quality control measures we invite all our clients to come along on what we call the ‘Ride Along with the Team’ service.

We simply pick you up from your home/office & drop you off when your campaign ends. This way you’ll be able to join your assigned team of highly trained & experienced field supervisors & distributors (all branded in your company t-shirts) to see for yourself how we monitor and track to ensure your flyers are delivered exactly as you want. You’ll be able to witness firsthand, the groundwork we put in to make sure all your flyers are delivered to the correct audience, age-group, gender, areas, streets, churches, mosques, malls, estates & other public places you wish to target.

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Ride Along Flyer Distribution | Lagos & Nationwide
Ride Along Flyer Distribution | Lagos & Nationwide


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