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Appointment setting service is a highly effective tool for companies in achieving business growth in a highly competitive market. Every company strives to expand their market share and increase revenue annually, these are by no means easy tasks. Appointment setting services set the initial stage for the initial sales pitch of a service or product, this is by no means a simple task.

At SkillPatron, we engage with your prospects at the initial stages of a sales process, aiding by evaluating your needs for each particular product or service, by providing all required information on a product’s features, technicalities and pricing. SkillPatron aims at bringing you closer to closing a sale, ensuring your sales team negotiates with hot leads. Our appointment setting services are handled by highly trained sales professionals. We provide tools for lead generation and sales promotion that saves you cost and money while producing excellent results. Let’s handle your cold calls, telemarketing and objection handling while you focus on running your business.


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Our Appointment Services

Our appointment setting services offer you unique sales promotion channels that put your business in the faces of key decision-makers, who have a need for your product or service. We are results oriented with a track record of closing deals. We offer the following services:

Appointment Setting Services We Offer

  • Appointment setting for face to face meetings
  • Telephone appointments or conference calls
  • To set up online demos or webinars
  • Set conference attendance, seminar booking, workshops and other events
  • Following up new business leads and maximizing the value from exhibitions
  • To identify opportunities for quotations and tenders
  • To create and follow-up direct mail campaign or email blast
  • Rekindle interest in old customers with new offers
  • Membership or subscription renewals
  • Schedule web conferences and demos for B2B
  • B2B appointment setting
  • Conference registration programs
  • Data collection and cleansing
  • Event registrations
  • Executive appointment setting services
  • Healthcare leads
  • Mortgage appointment setting
  • Technology sales
  • Telemarketing scripts and telemarketing lists

How the Appointment Setting Process works at SkillPatron

At SkillPatron we follow a result-oriented, defined process that goes through the following stages:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Contact decision makers
  • Generate Leads

Many businesses invest a large percentage of their marketing budget on appointment setting services because it’s highly effective. Making cold calls is not an easy task even for a qualified sales team. It usually requires a large portion of a sales person’s time, leaving him less time to focus on other aspects of the sales, resulting in poor results.

Smart business decision: Utilizing our Appointment Setting Services!

We work with you from the initial process, assisting with list acquisition, develop script content and devote time to understanding the objectives of your company, your products and services. Depending on the nature of your business, our goal is to go past the gate-keepers and contact the key decision makers, presenting irrefutable unique selling points of your business. All our appointments are digitally recorded to ensure top-notch professionalism. We produce results you can always count on.

We understand the importance of transparency and our client’s need to track and monitor our services. So, we encourage our clients to listen to our appointment setting services via Remote Client Monitoring, conveniently from the comfort of their home or office. In addition, we provide daily reports to measure the campaign effectiveness, track return on investments, give you room to direct us, either asking us to increase or decrease our production levels.

The bottom line is, we operate a highly efficient system that puts your business in front of the right people and get signed deals.

Why Our Clients Choose our Telemarketing & Appointment Setting Services

We literally do not take ‘NO’ for an answer. We certainly understand the varying dynamics of sales, identifying when to walk away and when to dig in deeper. Most times, ‘NO’ is just the beginning of the sales deal.

Our sales team is comprised of highly trained individuals who are goal oriented and don’t compromise when it comes to lead generation and sales presentations. It’s a simple method; the more sales appointments we make, the more deals get closed.

Our appointment setting services secure qualified meetings for your sales force. We are relentless in utilizing your list or even generating fresh lists. Irrespective of the situation, we will delve in, reviving old relationships and setting up warm meetings with familiar accounts.

Closed doors, slammed phone lines and constant rejections all come with marketing any product or service. Fortunately, many organizations have great salespeople who are excellent closers. So, why spend valuable time searching through the scruffs for valuable deals? We do the hard work and take all the ‘NOs’ while you focus on cashing out.

We listen to why your target says ‘NO’; identifying loopholes and formulating a plan to provide solutions and gain entry. Every client interaction takes us a step closer in fine-tuning our sales approach and handling objections.

We have a proven track record of working within a specified time period to produce outstanding results. We are proven sales people with a thorough understanding of the dynamics of selling. We act as an extension of your company, putting maximum efforts in getting to know each client on a personal level.

Our pre-requisites of a successful Telemarketing & Appointment Setting campaign

A successful campaign leverages on a quality prospect database. Depending on your requirements, we either make use of your existing contact list (internal or purchased) or we generate targeted lists using our database.

Next, we formulate a plan stating how we intend on reaching each client including developing an initial script, working collaboratively with your team.

Sales calls begin and can be closely monitored and tracked to ensure utmost professionalism.

Our services are closely coordinated and continuously re-adjusted to meet each client’s specific need.

We closely monitor lead generation quality based on your feedback.

We ensure all hands are on deck to meet your business objectives.

Whether your business is just starting out or has been in business for a while, appointment setting services is a fundamental factor in ensuring expansive growth. This means kick starting successful campaigns and ensuring they are properly planned and executed. SkillPatron works closely with you making sure all the elements are in place to produce the best chances of success.

We get you prospects and get you before qualified appointments. Call us today to get started.


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Telemarketing & Appointment Setting Services
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