Rent Bedroom in a Serviced Fully Furnished “Shared Apartment” – August 2020

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Looking for flatmates or an apartment to flatshare in Lekki Phase 1?

Note:  Our shared apartment flats are available to strictly female working class professionals with a verifiable source of income/place of business). All rooms are ensuite. Total Package is N1,140K and is inclusive of fee for one year service charge, legal & agreement fee.

Utility services included in your shared apartment are:

  • 24 hours water supply
  • Estate-owned electricity grid
  • 24 hours electricity from every day all week.
  • Gated security services
  • Home, clothes & car cleaning services
  • Lagos State Property Rental Council Tax
  • Wi-fi, Microwave, oven + cooker & furnished living room
  • Fully fitted kitchen.

Who Should Live Here : High income earners who want to live in a serviced, fully furnished apartment and well maintained secure estate.

Type Of Neighbours : Mostly high income earning families


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Welcome to “FlatShare Nigeria” brought to you by SkillPatron Services Ltd registered in Nigeria under the Corporate Affairs Commission with company number 1486648. SkillPatron Services Ltd’s registered office is at Mulliner Towers, 39, Alfred Rewane Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Location of this shared apartment for rent in Lekki

Situated within a 1 mile radius (1-3 mins drive) of Lekki Phase 1’s main gate – Lekki Gardens Horizon I is a gated serviced residential estate that can also be accessed via Palm Springs road off the Lekki-Epe expressway (3rd & 4th round about).

Additionally Lekki Gardens Horizon 1 is about 15 minutes drive from Victoria Island and about 20 minutes drive to Ikoyi and is in close proximity of Lekki’s busiest hangout spots, mosques & mega churches including City of David, This Present House, House on the Rock and the Elevation Church.

Unlike other fully serviced estates, Lekki Gardens Horizon 1 estate has a centralized management authority that provides 24 hours security, water supply, good interlocked roads, drainages and a serene ambience.  Most of the houses in the estate are apartment blocks and nearly all flats & apartments in Lekki Gardens Horizon 1 include 2-4 bedroom units. This ultra modern housing scheme is relatively new Lekki Gardens Horizon 1 is only about 5-6 years old.

Each room in a shared apartment in Lekki Gardens Horizon 1 has a monthly service charge of ₦10,000 which covers for  energy generation, security, gardening and waste management. The estate has recreational facilities such as: a tennis court and a swimming pool that was under construction at the time of this review.

At the moment SkillPatron is currently screening potential co-tenants for fully serviced shared 3-bed room apartments under a 5 year-long lease that expires on February 1, 2022. All co-tenants will sign a shared apartment agreement with SkillPatron Services Limited, and have each will pay ₦1,140,000 annually towards the security deposit of ₦3,420,000. All 3 Co-tenants all agree as follows:

  1. Rent. The rent of ₦3,420,000. per year will be shared equally, at ₦1,140,000 per person.
  2. Bedrooms. Two of the co-tenants will share the large bedroom with the adjacent deck; the third co-tenant will have the small bedroom.
  3. Food. Each co-tenant is responsible for his own food purchases.
  4. Cleaning. Each co-tenant will be responsible for cleaning his/her own room. The household chores for the rest of the apartment — living room, dining room, kitchen, and general bathroom — will rotate, with each co-tenant responsible for vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and bathroom maintenance on a weekly basis. Each co-tenant will promptly clean up after themselves in the kitchen. No one will leave dishes in the sink for more than 24 hours, and everyone will promptly clean up when asked.
  5. Utilities. Everyone will pay an equal share of the electricity and gas bills. The head tenant will arrange for service and will pay the bill. Within three days of receiving the bill, the other two co-tenants will each pay the head-tenant one-third of the total.
  6. DSTV subscription. The head tenant will arrange for DSTV cable service and will pay the monthly bill. All roommates will share the DSTV cable bill equally.
  7. Guests. Because of the apartment’s small size, each tenant agrees to have no more than one overnight guest at a time and to inform the others in advance, if possible. Each co-tenant agrees to no more than four guests overnight in a month.
  8. PERSONAL PROPERTY: All tenants agree to not use or borrow other roommates’ personal item(s) without the approval of the roommate who owns the property. Any exception(s) to this rule will be clearly stated and agreed upon, and the roommate who owns the property retains the right to change his/her mind about sharing his/her property. Any personal property that is borrowed will be used respectfully and returned in the same condition. If any damage is done to a roommate’s personal property, the roommate(s) responsible for causing the damage will compensate the roommate who owns the personal property for his/her loss.
  9. ADDITIONAL AGREEMENT TERMS: (The following items have been known to occasionally cause conflict between roommates. If any of the following might become an issue, present a problem, write out any needed additional agreements and attach.)  ____ Smoking/alcohol/drugs ___ Parking ___ Overnight guests___ Cleanup after parties/guests    ___ Sound system use ___ Behavior of guests___ Phone messages ___ Keys ___ Shared areas (bathrooms)___ Quiet hours for studying and sleeping.
  10. Violations of the Agreement. The co-tenants agree that repeated and serious violations of one or more of these understandings will be grounds for any two co-tenants to ask the other to leave. If a co-tenant is asked to leave, he will do so within two weeks, and will forfeit any outstanding pre-paid rent.
  11. Leaving Before the Lease Ends. If a co-tenant wants to leave before the lease expires on the pre- agreed date, he will give as much notice as possible (and not less than one month) and diligently try to find a replacement tenant who is acceptable to the remaining co-tenants and the SkillPatron Services Limited.
  12. Security/Caution Deposits. The co-tenant who leaves early (voluntarily or involuntarily) will get his share of the security/Caution deposit returned, minus costs of unpaid rent, repairs, replacement, and cleaning attributable to the departing tenant, when and if an acceptable co-tenant signs the lease and contributes his share to the security deposit. If an acceptable co-tenant cannot be found, the departing tenant will not receive any portion of his share of the security deposit until the tenancy of the remaining co-tenants is over and the security deposit is refunded, in whole or in part, by SkillPatron Services Limited.
  13. Dispute Resolution. If a dispute arises concerning this agreement or any aspect of the shared living situation, the co-tenants will ask SkillPatron’s Mediation Service for assistance before they terminate the co-tenancy or initiate a lawsuit. This will involve all three tenants sitting down with a mediator in good faith to try to resolve the problems.


The following services have been arranged and paid for as follows:

Item Account in Name of Amount of Deposit Deposit Paid By How Bill Shared
Gas SkillPatron ₦4000 Subject to usage
Water SkillPatron  Paid
Electricity SkillPatron  ₦45,000 Minimum monthly vend ₦10,000 per room
Garbage SkillPatron  Paid
DSTV SkillPatron Optional Monthly To be split per room
Phone SkillPatron  Not applicable
24 hour Unlimited Internet SkillPatron  ₦18,000 Monthly ₦6,000 per room

Contact us
If you would like to contact us further, please do so using the following details:
SkillPatron Services Limited
Mulliner Towers
39, Alfred Rewane Road

Email: Tel: +234 1 448 9249 WhatsApp one of our Reps: 08090904056




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Rent Bedroom in a Serviced Fully Furnished “Shared Apartment” – August 2020
Rent Bedroom in a Serviced Fully Furnished “Shared Apartment” – August 2020


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