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Hire a Personal Cook or Private Chef in Lagos

$150.00 / Recruitment

At SkillPatron, our goal is to find the perfect chef for you, one whose talents matches perfectly with your tastes. With over 50 chefs in Lagos alone, we are willing to bet the house on finding you the perfect chef. All our chefs have all been trained in the best culinary schools in the country and have years of experience under their belt. To ensure you find the right chef, you will be able to view the professional profile of all chefs that contact you and you also get to chat with them to ask any questions or request any changes to the menu they sent you.

Call us on +234 1 448 9249 or 09084999920 and Lets help you convert your home into one of Lagos best restaurants but one that is intentionally designed around your tastes.

Your $150 already covers your the recruitment of chefs to come in for a culinary assessment at your kitchen, as well as guarantors/background check & medicals.

e.g Parkview, Ikoyi

Our chefs are highly trained in the understanding of ingredients, spices, flavor-profiles, and techniques for each cuisine so they can maintain the quality of cuisine you expect, and you love.


Many people would love to eat healthily, having a good meal plan for themselves or their families but at the end of the day, the trashcan is filled with packs of takeouts, boxes of pizza, and all other unhealthy food. This very frustrating and money-wasting situation can be tackled by booking a personal chef!

With Lagos being a megacity that contains a large number of people, mostly working-class people who lead very busy lives, booking a personal chef has become something of a norm, because of the convenience and luxury of time gotten from this service. Imagine not having to go to restaurants every time you need a proper meal but you could have this proper culinary service delivered to you right in your very home with no stress and even extra food that could last you a few more days?

One of the many reasons a person considers hiring a personal chef is the luxury of time you would get away from kitchen chores and it is very convenient as well as stress-free, as you wouldn’t have to bother stressing yourself with all of that. Most people live busy lives, occupied with work that could take if not all but more than half of their day. Getting home tired, they wouldn’t be able to prepare a meal for themselves or their family. In a situation like this, hiring a personal chef would seem very paramount so long as the fund is available. A fine number of personal chefs are mostly self-employed as they run their own culinary business. A personal chef often has in-depth experience in culinary education. Personal chefs could be hired for special occasions, for example, birthday parties, anniversaries, dinners, and every other form of event.


A lot of people are of the impression that hiring a personal chef would eat up a large amount of money but look at the services provided by personal chefs, you would realize that it saves you money, time, stress and is worth every dime.

1. Lagos as we all know is a very busy city, going out to work as early as 5am and coming home very late at night. This schedule wouldn’t give time for a person to have a proper healthy meal.
Most people end up buying unhealthy food and snacks which could be very high in calories and could affect one’s health. Good food can never be overrated, especially in these parts where one has to eat healthily and well to ensure enough strength to keep up with the Lagos rowdiness. So, Booking a personal chef would mean you’d come home to a good dinner Made and packaged well for you.

2. Personal chefs help make your event beautiful and well organised. Food is most times the beauty of occasions. Having a basic knowledge of food preparation is nice but knowing the various ways to make food look exquisite and artistic is a skill many don’t have. when a client hires a personal chef for their occasion, they render their expertise culinary services, prepare varieties of food, and tend to the clients’ guests, leaving the client enough time to enjoy their occasion.

3. Booking a personal chef gives clients the time to enjoy their occasion, not bothering about cooking and serving dishes but just having a nice time at their occasion

4. Personal chefs are very convenient. Instead of taking out time dressing to go out and have a meal at a restaurant, booking a personal chef saves you the stress, time, and money you would use in ordering a fancy dish outside.

5. Personal chefs are very flexible to your specific food plan. Unlike going to restaurants and having to pick a variety of meals that would probably cost you a ton of money, a personal chef cooks and plans meals according to what their clients would want. They make a variety of dishes you request for and even leave some remaining labelled for you in your refrigerator.

6. Personal chefs help you cater to your dietary requirements and restrictions. Personal chefs cook food to suit your diet plan.

7.Most times you want to eat a certain kind of dish but then your work schedule doesn’t allow you the luxury. Booking a personal chef would allow you to eat varieties of food you request for, made according to how you like.

8. It is also cost effective. You get better value than at the restaurant.


Most personal chefs deliver home services, some very professional chefs prefer cooking in a spacious kitchen, while some cook in the comfort of their homes and deliver it to the client when they are done. Some of the services rendered by personal chefs include:

● Personal chefs help clients prepare meals in the comfort of their home and help you set a diet plan according to what the client would prefer.

● Personal chefs help clients make special occasions even more special, as they handle everything food-related. Instead of going through the stress of organising a gathering as well as prepare the flood guests will eat, booking a special chef helps make the work easier.

● They put labels to food and store in the refrigerator for their clients to easily lay their hands on whenever they would like and they also clean up the kitchen after they are done cooking

● Once you book the services of a personal chef, you don’t need to bother about you to get the ingredients for the chef to cook with, the chef handles the grocery shopping and everything related to cooking the food.

Our Personal chefs are just a few clicks away

If you’re in need of a formal private dinner with professional table service or cooking lessons, event catering or even a birthday party? then let us be a part of your evening. We cater for anything from a bachelorette party, private cooking class, wedding catering or romantic dinner. You can hire our chefs to cook for one day, weekly or as often as needed and with our seasonal and varied menus to keep the dinner table interesting, healthy and enjoyable. We take pride in our broad selection of chefs who can cook and bake anything from a simple classic meal to a feast. 

Having worked in some incredible hotels and restaurants and with their years of experience in the industry, you can be sure of a memorable experience. One way to share their passion in a more personified way is by getting out of their formal routine and using their creativity to prepare a meal for you in a private cooking setting . This is definitely a worthwhile experience for both the client and for the chef. Our chefs prepare delicious custom-tailored dishes according to your tastes to enjoy right in the comfort of your home. Now, imagine tasting some Mexican chilaquiles prepared by an expert local chef in your kitchen. Fantastic, isn’t it? it sure is!

Personal chefs are fast becoming rampant and sought for in these modern times, so, if your schedule doesn’t allow you the luxury of having a good and balanced food diet, booking a personal chef would come in very handy to you. Give us a call and lets leave you with a memorable experience for you and your guests 



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