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Our Yatch Rental Dubai service would like to change the notion that the yachting lifestyle is out of reach to the common folk. Truth is, there has never been a more exciting time to get into yachting. You actually do not have to own a yacht to enjoy the pleasure of water flowing beneath you and the sea breeze stroking your face. While it is our mission to use our Yacht Rental Dubai service to bring the yachting lifestyle to the masses we actually listen to our clients and then find the perfect yacht for the occasion or event. Our crews of professionals are 100% committed to providing quality yacht rental services to ensure our guests leave with the best yachting experience. We also have a wide range of yachts to meet your budget and taste, from cheap and affordable yacht rentals to higher-end luxury ones. 

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People go to Dubai with the sole intention of having fun, trying out new adventures as the city itself gives one a daring spirit and also taking out time to sightsee. Dubai is one of the most visited countries in the United Arab Emirates, it has become one of the amazing places in the world with lots of tourist attractions. The number of tourists in Dubai increases year after year, everyone wants to have a state of the Dubai feeling, they want to engage in all the fun activities, skydiving, a yacht cruise, and so many other interesting things. The number one thing on your list you’d want to enjoy your time in Dubai is finding a luxury yacht cruise to enjoy. What else could beat the feeling of floating across beautiful waters, with the fresh air hitting you strongly in the face?

With all the very unique and beautiful islands Dubai has built up in the water, you’ll be able to see all sorts of beautiful things from a yacht. It’ll be so easy for you to get the most out of your yacht ride when you look for an effective rental deal.

Yacht Cruise Rental Dubai

Having to take in the beautiful view of Dubai from a yacht becomes magical when you’re going through the Persian Gulf, along its coastline. This beautiful scenery could be extended into your life with ease to make your special events extremely beautiful. People rent yachts in Dubai for many reasons and thankfully, these renting facilities are not limited to just events or parties, a yacht could either be rented for a family fishing experience or just a casual cruise on a beautiful day.

With well over 20 crewed luxury yachts and speed boats, currently up for rent in Dubai, you can find the yacht rental yacht and get to hire any yacht or boat in Dubai.

The notable things you need to know about yacht rental includes:

  • Depending on the selection of yacht made and the number of guests to be present on board, the prices vary approximately. If you are also planning to have a very grand occasion, yacht vendors are available to get your needs met.
  • The yacht rental facilities are not limited to just parties or events. Whether it’s a casual party or a personal event, weddings, birthdays and the rest, having organised on a yacht cruise will always be a fine option. Dubai offers a large number of yacht rental services across the city who are available for charter.
  • yacht charter in Dubai is quite easy and cheap, compared to other similar yacht rentals in other places of the world

Best yacht rental in Dubai

There are many yacht rental companies in Dubai but when tourists visit, they’d want optimum satisfaction, therefore they’d look out for a charter company that would offer them the best of services.

Our Yatch Rental Dubai service is a yacht as well as boat rental company in Dubai.  Our charter company provides customers with the best services in Dubai, with its elaborate fleet of yachts and boats, ranging from a capacity of 2-5,000. Rameez Royal offers this yacht service in Dubai and we take it with full responsibility and professionalism. Our services are top-notch and very affordable for anyone whom would love to go yacht cruising in Dubai.

The cost of renting a yacht in Dubai

Our yacht prices vary according to the number of guests and type of yacht being chartered. 

  • Yacht 44ft. for ten people costs AED 700 per hour.
  • yacht 55ft. that would contain 23 people costs AED 800 per hour.
  • yacht 64ft. for 25 people costs AED 1,300 per hour.
  • yacht 77ft. for 30 people costs AED 2,000 per hour.

 The Different Types Of Yacht Cruise Dubai

 The architecturally beautiful city of Dubai has taken the wide extension of Persian golf right along its coastline and has made itself home to one of the most amazing yachts. Having three major water bodies which are the Dubai coastline, Dubai Marina and Dubai creek the city possesses a load of wonderful and very luxurious yachts.

From chartering a yacht personally to sightseeing tours with a group of people, Dubai yacht has got you covered in every direction and they would leave no stone unturned. Getting To have a beautiful view of the very amazing country of Dubai is a feeling one should look forward to having. The view is very amazing.

A fine number of people can’t wait to have this experience.

For our Yatch Rental Dubai service, we have different packages and tour routes. Here are some of the yacht cruises one should try out whenever in Dubai.

  • Super yacht site seeing cruise

For this experience, you get to cruise across the blue sea, around the very beautiful water of the Persian Gulf, with the perfect blue Dubai sky, making your cruise beautiful. This yacht tour is a whole lot of fun, leisure and luxury put together. This yacht cruise comes with n onboard swimming pool and also a lounge for you to chill in. Your satisfaction is always of the utmost. It is usually a two to three hours cruise but the optimum satisfaction you get from it lasts a whole lifetime.

  • Luxury yacht Canal cruise.

This particular yacht ride in Dubai is luxurious in all forms. It starts with a red carpet welcome, the very fancy interiors of the yacht instantly give a mixed feeling of relaxation. The cruise takes off from the Marais canal and takes you down to the world-known Burj Al Arab. This cruise gives you the opportunity to see some of the tourist attractions in Dubai which include the Burj Khalifa, Business bay district, and many more. The best part of this cruise is that you get to pick the time of the day when you’d want to go cruising.

  • Luxury mega yacht weekend brunch cruise.

This yacht is nice for the local cruise and both tourists. It is Luxury at its peak. The yacht is usually fully equipped with a swimming pool, a kid’s cinema, and a chill lounge. 


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Best Yatch Rental Dubai

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