Stephanie J, Serial Entrepreneur, Reaches Milestone Achievements

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It has been an incredible year so far for Stephanie J as her fan base has increased significantly due to her tremendous success overtime. The gorgeous Stephanie is widely considered as the true definition of a goal driven woman has been on incredible form of late and things have only gotten better for her!

Stephanie J owner of She Brands Inc & SJ Media started Chips In the Dough as a way to relax and combat anxiety. Before long, multiple orders from friends, family and otherwise turned this into something now much bigger.

Chips in the Dough

Stephanie J who was already known as a serial entrepreneur, with a following of over 250k on social media, Stephanie had no problem getting noticed for yet another craft and skill set she’s good at.

Known to many as a behind the scenes social media strategist and digital marketer, when asked how she was handling being in the spotlight now, Stephanie simply replied “I don’t know. Most times, you have to step out of your comfort zone to get things done.” In an interview with Neufutur magazine in 2018, when asked how she was handling criticism for being in industries that were typically male dominated she quickly replied “These stereotypes are ridiculous. Women are more than capable of holding down households as well as boardrooms. I don’t want to be placed in box. Besides, the last time i checked, the only person in a box, was a MAN named Jack.”

Stephanie’s company Chips In The Dough offers a wide variety of sweets, with an online website made for customers to order and have their items shipped across the United States, while locals can place orders, and pick them up if desired.

Stephanie J, who also assists new entrepreneurs in setting up their business structures as well, has made heads turn with her help and support of small businesses. Carrying the title of a celebrity publicist as well as a new author with a book that sold over 200 copies in under 48 hours, Stephanie J is definitely a force to be reckoned with.
Coupled with drive and passion Stephanie and Chips In the Dough along side her other business ventures, are unstoppable.

For more information on Chips In the Dough visit or send an email to

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