Exclusive Interview with “Holy Hip-hop” Rapper: Vernon Little

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Brand Profile

  •     Name & stage name? Vernon Little.
  •     Current record label and other affiliations? Bentley Records. BMI.
  •     What got you to choose holy “Hip-hop”? I was raised in church. I also want to leave a positive legacy behind.

Vernon Little – Bentley Records

My ComeUp Story

  • What got you to write songs? (childhood trauma, happiness, money?) At first, it was for the fun of it. I was later told that I might be able to make money from it, so that motivated me a little bit more.
  • If you didn’t write, record or perform what other career path would you have chosen? Transportation.  why? That’s what my dad did.
  • How did the journey in music start? By chance, I ended up at a local DJ’s (Joe Stick) apartment through a mutual friend (Bernard). Since Joe had DJ equipment and microphones, he asked me if I wanted to rap. I took him up on the offer.
  • How did you start believing in your own skills as an artist? Joe Stick allowed myself and others to frequent his apartment – which gave me and others an opportunity to practice.  What made you ‘formally’ launch your career as an artist? Joe had a friend named Jack who had a co-worker (Pete) that was looking to record a rap group. After we met, Pete began taking Joe, MC Kay, and myself to the studio to record music.
  • What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you began your career as rap/gospel hip-hop artist? It’s about business. Of course,  you have to be creative. But you have to stay focused on the business end as well.
  •  As a gospel rapper/hip-hop artist breaking into the mainstream industry isn’t an easy feat. What advice would you give younger artists looking to get drafted into the game? Production is important. People will listen to your message if you have a beat that gets their attention.
  • Do you recall any embarrassing moments you had during your come up? Just stumbling over words a few times on stage.
  • Tell us about a time you were faced with insurmountable odds, yet persevered to overcome? I really don’t have an example that I can think of.

My Daily Behind the Scenes

  • What is your typical weekday and weekend like? I work during the week. On weekends, I’m in church, and I usually go out to eat. What do you do when not working?  Sometimes I bowl, check out a movie, go to a concert, or take a trip out of town.
  • Where do you find your inspiration? Church, my mom, and seeing the needs of people.
  • What songs do you listen to that psyches you up and makes you feel strong? Fred Hammond -‘You Are The Living Word’, Hillsong – ‘I Believe’, Nas ‘I Can’, etc.
  • What is one thing you do when you’re feeling stuck creatively? I have to get out and see things. I can draw from people, places, and things.
  • What is the product or book you’ve created that you are most proud of? My ‘Double Minded’ EP.

My Now

  •  Why are you so passionate about using your music to promote the good news of the gospel”? We all need a little encouragement every now and then. Why do you think it’s important? A lot of people out here are depressed. Many feel a sense of hopelessness.
  •  What has music taught you that carries over into the other areas of your life? It’s taught me patience and discipline.
  •  Over the years, did you ever encounter famous people who were very difficult to get along with? Not that I recall. I’ve actually met some that were down to earth. LL Cool J and Fat Joe come to mind.
  •  As a budding musician and writer, I’m sure you have picked up a lot of valuable insights and tricks of the trade along the way. If you had to narrow it down, what one piece of advice would you give to artists, business owners and entrepreneurs? While performing, don’t cover the mic with your hand because it muffles your voice. Also, engage your audience; make eye contact if you can. I was also taught in business that you’ll probably draw 5 out of every 100 people that you solicit. That doesn’t sound like much until you consider the population.

My Future

  • What would you like to achieve before the end of 2019? More national and international  airplay. I believe that’s the best way to build a fan base. Also, I’d like to have another project completed.
  • What is the most meaningful project you have done? My ‘A New Beginning’ LP’. What would your dream project be? A song with either Kirk Franklin or Mary Mary.
  •  What’s one dream you’ve achieved that you’re most proud of and why? Performing in the McDonald’s Gospel Fest at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. I’ve always wanted to perform in an arena. It was great to be around like minded artist, both amateur and professional.
  •  Name a charity you are passionate about and explain why it matters to you. How do you show your support? Ezra International. They provide humanitarian aid. I’ve supported them financially.
  •  If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to your teenage self? Stay out of trouble, and learn a trade/skill.

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