7 Smart Ways Gen Z Influencers: Use Social Media to Grow Their Business. 

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7 Smart Ways Gen Z Influencers: Use Social Media to Grow Their Business. 

Millions of African Gen Z Influencers:use social media platforms, and the businesses in the country finally see the chances of marketing.

Here are seven best ways to boost your business through social networks, if you are a Nigerian businessman.

  • Plan social media marketing strategy
  • Interact with your followers
  • Post quality content
  • Use content the right way
  • Accept criticism and create a customer care
  • Track your results
  • Be consistent

You already know that social media platforms are a primary promotion channel for an online store since they bring us benefits in sales and the positioning of our e-commerce.

The creation of a professional profile on LinkedIn, a fan page on Facebook, or an account of your company on Twitter is just some of the practices that can help you in communication and loyalty with your customers.

Here are the detailed practices with which you can efficiently manage your business on social networks.

Plan a strategy 

Whether you are a large or small company, you need to have a strategy. Add the following tasks in your strategic plan.

  • How much you are going to invest your time
  • Analyze where your audience is
  • Decide which social network is most efficient
  • Dedicate yourself to it

It is not necessary to be present on every social network; it is better to start with one and work on it correctly.

Social networks are evolving very fast, so your social media marketing strategy must follow this rhythm.

Interact with your followers

Be grateful to the comments and suggestions of your clients, followers, and visitors. Share their content if they are related to your business and its values.

Here’s an example of a review from Adidas official site:

Make them feel the part of your community and offer them promotional codes if they are participating in your brand.

Each social platform has a purpose and a type of audience, so each one requires a type of behavior and content. Before choosing the platform, learn these details, and you will make smarter decisions.

Post quality content

Sometimes we focus so much on selling the products that we ignore what the audience is interested in. 

Product details and description is already available on your online store, and you need to attract social media audience with these products. 

You must consider adding:

  • Information related to your brand
  • News related to your company
  • Information that is useful for your clients
  • Share experiences, ideas, and stories
  • Share quality images, videos, and infographics


Use content the right way

Content is your best ally; it is what people are looking for on the Internet. Good looking content always attracts the audience.

Avoid Content which is:

  1. Irrelevant: 

People decide to follow you and share your content because your content adds value to them. Do not saturate them with the content that is not relevant to their interest. 

  1. Too Commercial:

Posting too much commercial content can saturate people and even upset them, so post the content that is necessary to share.

  1. Misspellings or bad grammar

When you’re not careful about writing, you not only making your business Looks low-class and unprofessional, but you diminish from its credibility by indicating negligence and carelessness.

So write professionally, and proofread after completing it. If you are not able to check grammar by yourself, consult with spelling and grammar checker tools available on the Internet. 


 Without any optimization

Each social platform requires formats, sizes, and specifications so that the content can be seen in the best possible way. So optimize correctly without publishing your content. 

Check plagiarism because google penalizes it as a duplicate content. Avoid using the same image in different places.


Accept criticism and create a customer care

You gave an opinion to others, and you have the right to express it, you must be aware that others also have the right to give critics on your product as well. 

Through social media, you have a platform that allows you to listen and pay attention to what people have to say about your business. These are reactions and feedbacks that help you improve, as long as these are taken into account.

It would be best if you spoke positively on the social media networks about your product quality and the price. If customers have complaints, create a customer care center to listen to them. 

It is essential to convey the values ​​of your company through the Internet, accepting that we can meet with criticism.

Track your results

Always measure the results generated by your existence on social media networks. 

Increasing your sales is a crucial indicator, but not everything that happens on social networks automatically converts into sales. Sales growth is a long-term indicator that comes if the planned strategy is working well. 

Many times, the strategy that is followed when being present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social or professional network is to create a community of followers who speak well of your brand, your products.


Be consistent

There is no use of a strategy if we do not follow the plan. The profile and brand image of your business in social networks must be alive.

Consistency is the key to achieve success and excellent results. The constant and consistent publication of content is essential, however, it is through interaction with the people who create the relationship.

 It is recommended that you reply to their comments and messages in less than 24 hours, the faster you respond, the better.


So, if you are not yet present on the Internet, an excellent way to start is through social networks.

Remember that the three pillars of online marketing content, search engine optimization, and social networks are strictly related to building your brand. They increase the online visibility of your company on search engines and grow sales.


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