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How it works:

  1. Send your Live Stream URL: Simply copy and paste the link to your Facebook Live stream in iMessage or Whatsapp to any of our representatives below.
  2. Instant Results: We’ll start delivering genuine comments, live views, and likes to your stream within minutes.
  3. Real-Time Engagement: Watch your engagement skyrocket as your stream becomes more visible and interactive.


  • Increased Visibility: Reach a wider audience and get discovered by more potential viewers.
  • Enhanced Credibility: Positive engagement builds trust and makes your stream appear more popular.
  • Boosted Interaction: Spark conversations and encourage viewers to engage with your content.
  • Real-Time Growth: See your results instantly and measure the impact of our service.

Easy and Secure:

  • No complicated setup: Just provide the link and we’ll handle the rest.
  • Fast and reliable: See results within minutes of placing your order.
  • 100% safe and secure: We use only genuine accounts and follow all of Facebook’s guidelines.

Order your Facebook Live Stream Engagement package today and take your online presence to the next level!

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What is a Facebook livestream?

Facebook is never behind on trending matters and has started capitalizing on the growing popularity of online video consumption. The Facebook live stream is a feature that offers live-streaming video capabilities to its consumers.

This feature allows one to make a video that has a maximum time limit of 30 minutes, and after making the video, it is permanently added to the Facebook user’s timeline. This is one of the best ways for individuals and companies to interact with their clients in real time.

Facebook Live views are usually a projection of the number of people who have viewed your live video. 

Live streaming views have become a major deal so much that some people and companies buy Facebook live views for their online video streaming. 

A large number of viewers in a live video usually makes the live streaming process more interesting and interactive while at the same time, it helps to boost your exposure on your Facebook Account. 

And guess what, Facebook pays well too. Yup! You heard that right. 

Facebook Live video broadcasters who have a following of over 2000 people and can get at least 300 of their followers to watch their live streams started getting paid by Facebook. 

Broadcasters like these are usually paid about 55% of the total revenue generated from live video streams.

Even with the fact that the art of buying Facebook live views is not illegal, most people consider it as bypassing. This theory has been evident in some celebrities especially musicians who have over time been accused of buying viewers to boost their audience.

Steps one can take to ensure that they get genuine Facebook live viewers. 

Some of the steps are;

  • To make sure your live videos are of good quality, fun, and interactive, It helps you in gaining more regular followers which will help to boost your internet exposure.
  • Try to notify your users in advance that you are planning on making a Facebook live video soon so that they can be alert.
  • A good connection is a necessity as this also helps with the quality of your live streams.
  • Use catchy headlines and phrases during the session. It helps to keep your viewers entertained and will always be looking forward to the live video stream.
  • Be sure to engage with your Facebook live viewers. No one wants to be part of a Facebook livestream that is boring. Ask questions and also make sure to respond to their feedback.

Learn How You Can Improve Facebook Live Stream Engagement with Audience

Participate On Facebook Live Collaboration:

Facebook Live is an extraordinary method to pull in more viewers to your video stream effectively.

You can share your stream URL with other FB users or on your Facebook profile so that their audience can see both of you.

Switch Your Camera:

Play around with your camera by flipping it to show yourself or the item you want your FB viewers to see.

Notify Your Facebook Friends:

Start a Facebook event that you are going to go live on and ask your FB fans to join you. So that all your notifications will go to them on time once you go live.

Use The Comments:

There are manners by which you can empower engagement on video, one of them is requesting that your Facebook live video viewers tag friends in the comment box or suggest something within the comment section. You can reply to their comment which will make them understand that you care about your live-stream audience.

Use Facebook Face Filters:

You can make a short Facebook live video fascinating for your Facebook fans by utilizing the Facebook Face channels to raise the fun piece of your Facebook Live session.

Go Live Often:

If Facebook Live makes you happy, you should visit it often. This will assist you in gaining FB audience attention and will also assist you in getting more Facebook livestream views.

Use the Facebook Fan Badge feature:

Recently, Facebook created a really good feature for fan pages. Now if your Facebook Live stream viewers share and comment on your activity you can mark them Top Fan badge it will make them feel good and it improves user engagement with your live stream.

Is Buying Facebook Live Views Safe?

Most of the reasons why individuals and companies buy FB live views is to boost their online presence which is a very important factor, especially for video streams that are aimed at marketing a product or a service and to boost their revenue.

 The number of viewers you get from this is usually dependent on the type of plan that fits your budget. Most of the websites online are selling Facebook live views from as little as 100 views to as big as up to 10,000 views with the prices depending on the number of views.

Stay Ahead With Our Facebook Live Stream Video View Plans

With the present increase of views on Facebook live streaming recordings, it won’t take time before Facebook will turn into an unrivaled fascination. You can increase Facebook live views to help your online networking get the audience needed.

 One of the most amazing intentions to get a tremendous offer is to buy Facebook live views. This arrangement is to draw in more views originating from one eminent person to another. 

Every Facebook user needs to continue watching Facebook live stream recordings that show up in your course of events and continue re-watching it and offering the recordings to companions and every family member. That is not all as each client of the Facebook user is currently getting a charge out of making their own particular clasps to be posted on their companion’s account.

Why should you buy Facebook live views from SocialGlamUp 

  • Buying Facebook live views has been one of the best practices for global marketing and interaction for the last 12 years.
  • Around the world, Millions of users use Facebook Live daily to catch updates of their friends or put up Facebook stories.
  • Any social media marketing agency will love to use the Facebook live platform to drive traffic for their brand and promotions.
  • Even though it’s well known that Facebook Live is a great way to showcase your brand and get more traffic; if you are operating with a new account or you do not have enough followers or likes, you won’t get many Facebook live views. To get more views on your Facebook Live, you can easily Buy Facebook Live Stream Views from SocialGlamUp.
  • Our Facebook live premium services allow you to get a large number of views to your Facebook livestream and get more viewers to promote your product. Purchasing Facebook video live views from SocialGlamUp helps you gain visibility even for newly created FB profiles by simply choosing to buy any of our live viewers’ plans.

What are the Benefits of Buying Facebook Live Streaming Views from SocialGlamUp?

Facebook Promotion:

Using the Facebook live video will give a great deal to contact numerous people around the world. With more Facebook viewers, you can promote anything.

Facebook Livestream viewers help create credibility, trust, and crowd effects and keep customers and their fans watching for a long period. 

When your Facebook Live Stream has many viewers, there is an opportunity that the Livestream video will be on the suggestion of Facebook.

The more you advertise to a large number of people, the better it is for your blog. So if you plan to use the fb streaming feature you should buy Facebook live views from SocialGlamUp

Become Famous Instantly:

Buying Facebook live viewers from SocialGlamUp can make you look famous by helping you reach a large audience depending on any of our Facebook live premium plans you choose. 

Easy to Promote Product:

If you have fewer fans or friends and you go Facebook live there are chances that you get 50 to 100 maximum viewers. But using our service you can get Facebook live streaming viewers up to 1000.  

Real Facebook Live Viewers: 

All Facebook Live Views from SocialGlamUp are from real people with real Facebook accounts, they will help you keep the live stream entertaining. Buying Facebook Live Views from any of our competitors will generally receive Views that might not be real.  And that will not help you at all! When you have dozens of fake people watching you, there is no benefit for you, and every advantage we summarised in this article will be impossible to achieve.

Make Money from Facebook Live Stream:

Now the good news about Facebook Live streaming is that it has an amazing feature that helps the creator to make money by making a donation from users while doing a live stream. This is a very easy way to make money, now Facebook has the star feature in which viewers can directly give stars to the fb video creators in the comment section and owners of a fb stream can receive them directly. Total stars will convert into Amounts and at the end of the month, you will get paid.  

How to use our Facebook Livestream viewer boosting service

Choose any of our Facebook Live plans.

To use the Facebook live stream viewer boosting service, you get to choose the package that suits your budget and pay. Fifteen minutes after payment, the system will work to increase viewers for your Facebook Live when going to Livestream.

Will the number of Facebook viewers increase right away or slowly?

The number of your Facebook viewers will increase slowly and naturally as they do in about 5-20 minutes.

The reason you should use our Facebook Livestream viewer-boosting service

  • Influence: Feasibly boosting Facebook Livestream viewers is a leading factor and is praised by hundreds of customers.
  • Quality: Boosting Livestream viewers with high quality is the service SocialGlamUp always aims at, and we ensure the number of Facebook LiveStream viewers by the plans that our customers have chosen.
  • Fast: Processing your requests right upon your placement of orders
  • Safety: Views are real and actual FB users, which is safe for your Facebook account.
  • Efficiency: Boosting your Facebook Livestream viewers efficiently helps you create credibility, reputation, and trust; when the number of viewers is high, there is a high chance that your Livestream will be on Facebook’s suggestion.
  • Security: We do not disclose any of your information to any third party.
  • Affordability: We receive and process your order for Facebook live viewers, which helps reduce your costs regarding intermediaries.

FAQs for Buying Facebook Live Views

  • Who Can Watch My Facebook Live Video?
  • How long are viewers going to watch my video?
  • How does the FB Live Streaming views process work?
  • How much time does our service take to get started?

In Conclusion:

With the help of buying video views for Facebook live streams, you can easily be famous and you can make cool money as well. 

This will always help you to get what you want. The benefits of having lots of Facebook live viewers overpower the cost of buying the viewers. 

The more FB viewers you have, the more you get better positioned in the market. This will, in turn, lead to your audience knowing about you, the services, and the products you have to offer. 

The Facebook livestream viewers will be your potential clients and will at some point be your actual clients, and this will go a long way in boosting your brand revenue. 

Aside from that, you will also be able to create extra revenue from Facebook by creating traffic to your live streams.

Facebook live streaming is one of the best marketing tools.  

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