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We take pride in our team of personal shoppers that aim to offer you an unforgettable personal shopping experience. We are here to take the burden off your shoulders, whether you need to get a gift for that special someone or maybe looking for that killer outfit, we will help align each of your needs and budget to match your personality, budget, lifestyle, body type as well as age. Our personal shoppers are trained to produce excellent results. It  really doesn’t matter if you’re looking to recreate a look or working on a budget, we have something for everyone. 

Once you book our service we will assign you a personal shopper based on your needs When you work with any of our Personal shopping experts, you can be sure of getting your money’s worth, you’re also relieved the pressure of dealing with the hassle of shopping in Lagos, you get valuable tips that can last a lifetime, you might even start giving fashion tips and advice to friends and family!  

Call us on +234 1 448 9249 or 09084999920 and let’s work with you every step of the way while taking into consideration your reservations and lifestyle, giving you a true representation of yourself.


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Shopping has gone through a lot of evolution since the advent of the internet. The idea of going to the market in order to shop, is a concept that’s unacceptable to a lot of people these days. Basically everything can be bought online, from clothes to shoes to even food items. There are still some people who don’t have the time or energy to shop online, this has led to the birth of something called ‘personal shoppers’. A personal shopper is someone who engages in shopping for other people for a living. You send in your list to the personal shopper and he/she goes shopping on your behalf, based on the information you’ve provided. Some personal shoppers work independently, while others liaise with boutiques and stores that sell the items you want. Booking a personal shopper service is fast becoming popular and fashionable in Lagos. This is probably due to the tedious nature of Lagos markets, which a lot of people would gladly pay to avoid. Of course there are still people who have no idea what/who a personal shopper is or what he does. If you fall into this category of people, then you are in the right place, because below are some of the most important tidbits you need to know before you proceed to book a personal shopper service in Lagos.

Why do people book personal shopper services in Lagos?

People book personal shoppers for different reasons which include;

  • They do not have time to do the shopping themselves.
  • They do not know where to shop
  • To save themselves the stress involved in shopping
  • To get more options than they would if they shopped by themselves
  • They want to get a different style opinion.

Lagos as a city has so many markets, both online and offline, where different commodities are sold. There are some markets that specialize in the sales of specific commodities, for example, clothes. Some other markets serve as general shopping arena where every, and anything is sold.  The one thing these markets have in common is the stress and hassles involved in shopping. People who book personal shopper services in Lagos mostly do so to avoid the crowds, hustle and bustle that is the norm in Lagos markets. While some people book personal shoppers to save themselves some precious time, others do so as a status symbol. Celebrities and socialites book personal shopper services because they do not have the time to do the shopping themselves and also, it is sometimes seen as a sign of affluence to pay somebody else to do your shopping for you.

 What services does a personal shopper offer?

Most often, people book personal shopper services for clothes and accessories. When a celebrity or socialite books a personal shopper, they most times have to work with the person’s stylist to get a feel of the person’s style and choices. A personal shopper is like an assistant but with fashion sense and a sense of style. They offer advice and suggestions on outfit choices for their clients. They help their clients make better choices and organize their wardrobes better. Apart from shopping for clothes and wardrobe items, personal shoppers also shop for groceries and household items. Personal shoppers help their clients to shop for their needs whilst staying within their budget. A personal shopper arranges and chooses outfits that best fit their clients and the occasion. Personal shoppers are also great for when you have no idea what to wear or where you want to get what you need, as they could help you make choices you didn’t know you had.

 Benefits of booking a personal shopper:

  • You have more time to do other things. Time that would have been spent shopping
  • You do not need to stress about what to buy and what not to buy
  • A personal shopper makes you realize style that you didn’t even know you had
  • The dilemma of where to shop is solved
  • A personal shopper could have access to deals that you wouldn’t be privy to ordinarily
  • Having a personal shopper would help you get access to more items than if you were shopping on your own.
  • A personal shopper helps you spend wisely by avoiding unnecessary buys.
  • You do not have to think about what to buy as your personal shopper figures that out for you
  • You spend less time wondering what to wear, because a personal shopper helps organise your wardrobe so you know what to pair with what and where to wear what to.
  • When you book a personal shopper you might not need the services of a stylist because you could get all the fashion advice and suggestion you need from a personal shopper.

The benefits of booking personal shopper services cannot be overemphasized as it removes a whole lot of stress and responsibilities from the clients’ shoulders. When you book a good personal shopper service, you can rest assured that your shopping needs will be met without you doing so much. You can sit in the comfort of your home and have access to all the stores and shops in Lagos through a personal shopper. Going to the market, especially in Lagos can be an uphill task, but with a personal shopper it becomes way easier than it would be without one.

Is it expensive to book a personal shopper service in Lagos?

People wrongly assume that booking a personal shopper service is very expensive, because the service is mostly used by celebrities and society people. The amount you spend to book a personal shopper service in Lagos depends on your budget, what services you need the shopper for and how long it would take to complete the shopping. Some personal shoppers are paid by the hour while others are paid per job. While the personal shopper services are more popular among celebrities and socialites, average and middle class members of the society can also afford to book a personal shopper service depending on what services in particular they need the personal shopper for. At SkillPatron, you get complete value for your money and we take the frustration and stress that comes with shopping off you. 

Why don’t you call us today and let’s help you with all the hard work.

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Book Personal Shopper Services In Lagos
Book Personal Shopper Services In Lagos


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