Interview with Matt Redhawk: author, businessman, filmmaker & CEO of “My Patriot Supply” – An Emergency Food Storage, Survival Supplies Company

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Professional Profile

  • Could you please introduce yourself for the readers who do not know you? My name is Matt Redhawk. I am an experienced author, businessman, and filmmaker who currently runs a survival and emergency supply company. 
  • What is your brand’s name? My Patriot Supply. 
  • Do you have any other projects that you want to mention? I also wrote “Droughts and Dreams: Stories of Self-Reliance During America’s Darkest Times” in 2015 alongside two independent movies called “Home” and “Radioflash.” Creating the material for those films remains one of my most enjoyable experiences as I got to leverage my knowledge and creativity in the area of survival and post-apocalyptic living.


Matt Redhawk Work Background 

  • How did you get started in the spheres of business? I wanted to start My Patriot Supply because I had an unpleasant experience related to lacking resources and basic supplies during a private emergency. That adventure made me feel very helpless as I did not possess some of the most basic tools that could have helped me enormously. Afterward, I decided to address this loophole in the market by starting my own company that would ensure how nobody has to struggle as I did. 
  • What led you to begin writing books and films? Writing has been a long-time passion of mine. When I stepped in the sphere of creating an entire book, I was positively overwhelmed with the amount of creativity that I will need to rely on. I soon saw that many people further tried their luck in the film industry as well. Having been a typical fan of Hollywood for as long as I can remember, it did not take me long to get involved. After all, who would not want to work within the film market? 
  • When did you realize that your work is going to be successful? In all honesty, I did not think about the success of any of my projects until it arrived on its own. The reason why is that I was focused on making sure that things ran smoothly and that the products were getting delivered. Given the amount of effort that I have put in, it comes as no surprise that the growth came fast. Once I began noticing more and more orders accompanied by higher website traffic is probably the same time that I concluded how I am indeed successful in what I do. 
  • How did you get through the barriers to entry when you founded your company? I ignored the competition. All of my workers understand that there is really no way for a small competitor to impact the grand scheme of things. So, we prioritize focusing on our own side of operations. 
  • Was there ever a time when you were facing so much adversity that you thought you might quit? Yes and no. There were definitely countless instances of me facing a ton of adversity. Nonetheless, I never considered quitting because I have been taught to exhaust every single alternative first. 

Day-to-Day Ventures

  • What types of duties do you have in your everyday professional life? As the founder and CEO of My Patriot Supply, I am in charge of hiring new high-level operatives, negotiating with large buyers, analyzing earnings, and reviewing performance evaluations for seniors. \
  • Do you have any other weekly obligations? Another important part of my everyday professional tasks relates to writing. As a published author, I enjoy building new pieces and use every chance that I can get to do so. 

Current and Future Endeavors 

  • Since hundreds of thousands of Americans are in the writing market, how do you plan on keeping up with such a rapidly evolving sector? Well, I really do not. I avoid making plans that are based on what someone else is doing or how the market behaves. Instead, each step that I take is completely focused on my experience and skills. 
  • Is it hard to find new buyers for your business in the current economical climate? It depends. The economical climate is actually quite favorable given the tax cuts and policies that favor entrepreneurs. Regardless, some periods tend to be a bit more challenging than others. 
  • What are some of your objectives for this year? I want to improve My Patriot Supply’s safety margin as we have been dealing with a lot of issues related to product shortage. 
  • Are there any dreams that you are still chasing? If not, when did you achieve it and what was it? Once again, yes and no. I had a dream of starting a business and writing a book. After doing both, I now dream about making my organization a worldwide conglomerate. This is hopefully going to take place over the next decade as I continue working hard.

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