Exclusive Interview with Sergio Kato Brazilian-American Actor, Producer, Former Model, Stunt, Ballet dancer & Martial artist.

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Sergio Luiz Pereira, born July 15, 1960), known as Sergio Kato is a Brazilian-American actor, producer, former model, stunt, ballet dancer and martial artist. He found greater fame in his hometown of Rio de Janeiro, after a stage play at the Scala Rio music venue: Since them, Kato has been working for many advertising campaigns, TV shows, Live Theater, and Films.

Sergio Kato

Bio Profile 

Q: Please tell us your name and rank ? A: Sergio L Pereira Stage name: Sergio Kato 

Q: Tell us about your military and educational qualifications ? A: Black Needles Military Academy (FAB) Brazilian Air Force, Studied English at California High School, studied at the University of California in Los Angeles UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television and Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York. 

Q: What were the “day-to-day” details of your military tenure like ? A: (FAB) Brazilian Air Force and the goal is to test limits, teach military concepts and overcoming.

Sergio Kato

My ComeUp Story

I was 1bm5-years-old when I played drama school. It was so much fun. I was to play my “comic hero cartoon” in 1975. Guess WHO? —Yes! “Batman and Robin”. My dad used to say… “no no you can’t go” it’s not for you, I did a lot of drama but couldn’t convince them. LOL — Was very annoyed. Then, so where else do I go? Start soccer again? There we go Playing soccer and I’m thinking… Now, the military arrived and my dad so often taught me a lot and good lessons in life. Oh yes! But I knew he wanted the best for my future… But I learned with dad or Papa, no matter what, they influence in our lives and they are the greatest person we should care, love and respect. 

Theater was “O Tablado” in Rio de janeiro.   

Q: Please tell us about your childhood and where you grew up? A: I have a hard childhood and lots of responsibility. As I grow up, from the biological side of things in my life to how we’re nurtured…? You know a lot of what goes on in childhood influences later on when we’all turn out as adults. You know what I mean? My mom as a former psychologist always gets us together for a family set with a recipe. Again, guess we must ensuring achievement, happiness, and our future 

Q: What got you to join the military ? (childhood trauma, happiness, money?) A: I did join the military through my dad. And who don’t wish your country in Law and Order? 

Q: If you didn’t have an acting career or joined the military, what other career path would you have chosen? Why? A: Okay! No acting? ….I would continue with the Air Force. Acting was always with me, my dream at nights and days. By the way, my role model is Al Pacino. 

Q: How did you start believing in your own skills as an actor? What made you ‘formally’ launch your career as an actor? A: Can’t explain to you, I just have that feeling in my heart and my guts. Honestly. However, I tell you, it’s not worth it if want to be an actor just in it for the money? You have to love. Or go back to other choices in your career. Unfortunately, we have certain people on the field from a favor, etc… That’s not cool. 

Q: What is the biggest lesson that you have learned in your time at the Military Air Force? A: Lets keep confidential…. As an-ex military personnel who moved to the USA – breaking into the mainstream acting industry isn’t an easy feat. 

Q: What advice would you give younger actors from Brazil looking to get drafted into the game? A: Starting answering from your 1st sentence: so many former-military foreigners who moved to the USA. Today men and women are contributing to the USA. Let us take a turn to Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Arny also has something special which he got his break. “Mr. Olimpia”. Regarding advice to my young actors Patriots from Brazil to get into the game? Take acting classes, If you want to start acting, if you are an actor, so work on your English. Start by saying to yourself HARD WORK! Go to plays and watch films; make friends with other actors, don’t move to a major market right away. Don’t forget to volunteer at a local theater company 

Q: Do you recall any embarrassing moments you had during your come up? A: Like MC Hammer say’s can’t talk about that…LOL 

Q: Tell us about a time you were faced with insurmountable odds, yet persevered to overcome? A: Not everything in life is easy, right? So, the situation can be stressful. But we always even thou uncomfortably we push to the extreme and overcome. It takes a lot of training. 

Sergio Kato

My Daily Behind the Scenes 

Q: While you were in the army, please describe the things you do on a typical day. What was your typical weekday and weekend like? What do you do when not working? A: While in the air force we go over the books, shooting stand, training martial arts, swimming, or deep scuba diving… weekend some chat in and barbecue time. 

Q: As an actor, where do you find your inspiration? A: I find inspiration on new comes actor(s), you have a serious responsibility to communicate part of a story right? Then, bring it to life for an audience. Give your best, I mean THE BEST!! 

Q: What songs do you listen to that psyches you up and makes you feel strong? A: Love classic music. 

Q: What is one thing you do when you’re feeling stuck creatively when acting? A: Simple, really, just ask questions to director(s). They know better. 

Q: What is one moment in your life while serving your country that you are most proud of? A: Get bad boys out of our society, (criminals) and back to behind bars and secure our borders. P.s. don’t blame Trump. He is a good President. My opinion. 


My Now

Q: Why are you so passionate about promoting your military service to Brazil”? Why do you think it’s important? A: We, the military’s and former take the flag oath, and there is the passion! Today we finally can see a new horizon in our hemisphere a new different Brazil and a brighter future to our Citizens. Yes, beyond of anything to me by taken the oath of allegiance or fidelity to the Republic of Brazil. Brazil is a very rich country, and we’ll clean up till the end of all corruption. Lava Jato equals Car-wash Operation. HOORAY !!!! 

Q: What has serving in the Brazilian military taught you that carries over into the other areas of your life? A: As an actor, I’m sure you have picked up a lot of valuable insights and tricks of the trade along the way. Q: If you had to narrow it down, what one piece of advice would you give to actors? A: You did answer: as an actor, we’all for sure picked up a lots of valuable insights & tricks of the trade along the way. 

Very simple, I still sometime had to narrow it down…My advice to actors is never give up!! And what I found that “WE” actors must be “actors of faith” and “truthful acting“, meanwhile never stop learning about yourself. 

My Future

Q: What would you like to achieve before the end of 2019? A: Waiting on a contract… Be back to the US soon… 🙂 

Q: What is the most meaningful project you have done? What would your dream project be? A: TV Xuxa (TV Series), a bad experience but we always in the process of learning. (2005) Project: The Sergio Kato Foundation is to take care with love, our human race, an organization that will fight hunger and its consequential effects on a global scale. 

Q: What’s one dream you’ve achieved that you’re most proud of and why? A: Bough a hotel as investment. Secure your future and your family. 

Q: Name a charity you are passionate about and explain why it matters to you. How do you show your support? A: Charity is STOMP Out Bullying. is the leading national nonprofit dedicated to changing the culture for all students. 


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