Exclusive Interview with Scott Wilson – CEO of Sure Way English

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  • What’s your name: Scott Wilson
  • Brand Name? Current title/company? Founding Member, Lead Instructor My motto is – To help my students succeed in life.


  • Year you launched Sure Way English? Officially online in 2016, though have been running IELTS and PTE program since 2015.
  • What is your number one accomplishment with Sure Way English? In a span of 2 years have made it the leading online company for PTE Academic courses. You can find a lot of information on PTE Academic on our website
  • Tell us about your latest project “”…What is it? Sure Way English is an online platform where students can take courses and coaching programs for the PTE Academic. Instead of a traditional classroom, students attend the online program because it is more convenient, cost effective and led by the most experienced teachers.

  • Why did you launch Sure Way English? To make it easy for everyone to prepare for PTE Academic and high score. We noticed that busy professionals or migrants in a country like Australia don’t have time or money to spare on classroom coaching centers. Because of this they had to struggle with PTE Academic. We launched Sure Way English to make it easier for them to study at their own terms.
  • How did the journey with “Sure Way English” as a brand ” start? Started in 2015, as an initiative to just help some people meet their language requirements for an Australian Visa. It started with our YouTube channel – Sure Way English. Students soon started demanding more and we decided to launch a full fledged online course. 
  • How did you start believing in your own work? What made you launch your career as a “Coach” to hundreds of students helping them each week in their PTE journey? My belief is strengthened each week as I see the results that our students are getting. We receive many emails, many messages on Facebook and comments on YouTube that tell us how our work has helped the students overcome one of the toughest challenges in their life i.e. clearing the English requirements for their visa. 
  • What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started the Sure Way English? That if you build something that fulfills a genuine need and helps people, you don’t need to worry about anything else. This is demonstrated clearly in the strong growth we have had each year. 
  • Breaking into the online education industry isn’t an easy feat. What advice would you give young business people looking to form their own companies? Marketing tips? I would advise them to take it one day at a time but always keeping the bigger picture in mind. Nothing works better than word of mouth, when one successful student tells another, that kind of marketing and advertisement cannot be purchased.


  • What is your typical weekday and weekend like? What do you do when not working? Weekdays are typically spent working on our online course, looking for ways to improve it further. We are always adding new materials and new features. Weekends are spent enjoying time with my family in beautiful Melbourne. I make it a point to take out couple of hours each weekend to help plan my week ahead.


  • Are the Sure Way English courses online interactive and engaging? Sure Way English PTE courses are the most interactive and engaging online courses you will find on PTE Academic. Students get access to hundreds of high quality lectures and practice materials in a software very similar to the one used by PTE Academic. Our lectures are recorded to almost simulate a real classroom.
  • What are the classes like? How are they run? Our classes are available on demand to our signed up students. They don’t have to adjust their schedules or take out time to attend the classes. Lectures are recorded and uploaded for the students and they can watch them and study whenever they want. Depending upon the course option they chose they can send a message to a PTE Academic expert at Sure Way English to get answer to any queries they might have. 
  • How does online education break barriers? Sure Way English PTE courses have made it possible for almost anyone to be able to afford a high quality course. No expensive classroom courses. On top of that, they are available anywhere, anytime – a busy professional or parent can study whenever they want.


  • What would you like to achieve before the end of 2018? We are all set to double the number of students we enroll in our PTE Academic course each week, by the end of this year. We would also add lot of new coaching material to the course.


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