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Important Giveaways.

  • Generally, we charge N12, 000 per 1000 Leaflets, Flyers, Catalogs or Postcards etc. We have a discounted fixed pricing system quoted at N11 per leaflet distributed provided the number of copies exceeds 3000 leaflets, N10 per leaflet if it exceeds 5000 copies, N9 per leaflet for upwards of 10,000 copies and N8 per 50,000 copies or more. For campaigns with less than 3000 leaflets, we charge N12 per leaflet.
  • Our Newspaper insertion service throughout Lagos is pegged at N12 per copy (The Guardian, Vanguard, Punch & ThisDay).
  • We also need you to understand that we advise an optimal distribution strategy of no more than 400-500 copies per skater; simply to ensure our skaters/brand ambassadors adhere to our minimum quality volume per delivery benchmark.
  • As an illustration, based on the metrics above it would take us about 3 days to distribute about 5000-10,000 copies across multiple locations.
  • Our Mobile DJ, Speakers & other Equipment for a full-fledged roadshow for six hours cost N95, 000, while our dancers can be booked at N9000 per dancer.
  • Our cost for printing 1000 A5 flyers is N21, 000. (Includes Design).
  • Printing of shirts cost N3000 per shirt.
  • Distribution of leaflets for Ibadan, Abuja, Abeokuta, Port Harcourt & Benin will attract an extra service charge of N35, 000.
  • Distribution of Stickers on public buses, trucks, cars and Keke Napep’s cost: N25 per sticker.
  • Delivery of letters door-to-door would cost N100 per letter. (We strongly recommend this method for specific estates).

We would like to add here that you could also arrange for branded shirts (if available) to be worn by our skating crew to effectively improve the acceptance-ratio & visibility of your brand during your marketing distribution campaign.

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Furthermore as part of our 2017 Half-Season offer: We would be extending your distribution campaign online for free:

This Gig offers you an SEO Friendly Press Article/Interview or feature published on our online magazine. We will be requiring a soft copy of your leaflet design for this promotion.  You will also need to send us a link to any of your website, blog or social media pages – taking a look at samples of your work will help us publish a post tailored to your brand as much as possible.

What’s Included in Your Online Distribution?

  • Visual Appealing Graphic Design – made for your post. This design will also be resized for posts to any of your social media handles including Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.
  • Twitter Promotion – Expect no less than 10-250 re-tweets from of our most active influencers on Twitter. A possible Twitter Nigeria Trend of the hashtag used in your post is often possible but not guaranteed.
  • Facebook Promotion – on our Facebook Group with 250,000 extremely active Members.
  • SEO/ SEM – We will optimize your post for up to 4 long Tail keywords to enable your customers to find you in Google.
  • Up to 4 Business Links
  • Up to 6 Personal & Business Social Media Links
  • Up to 20 Personal & Business Photos.

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Getting Started

  1. We need to agree on the necessary services you expect of us (From locations to distribution strategies).  Please visit for details.
  2. We will then send you an electronic invoice.
  3. Once payment for your order has been made one of our field supervisors would be on hand to meet you in-person within 24 hours to discuss the logistics and arranged plans that should be more tailored to suit your objectives for this marketing and awareness campaign.
  4. We would be ready to receive your leaflets at our Victoria Island office to commence activities.
  5. We would also encourage you to designate someone from your team to accompany/oversee our activities in addition to the daily reports and feedback we send you.

At a Glance

  • Benefit from low costs per prospect
  • Send anything from leaflets to catalogs.
  • Enjoy a range of targeting options
  • Access to all busy areas in Lagos.
  • Delivery by our professional, delivery skaters wearing your branded uniforms/shirts.
  • No LAMATA/LASAA & Civil Union Hassles.
  • Free online distribution on our online mag, strong Twitter influencer network (over 250 members) and a Facebook group over (250,000) members.

Our VI Address for the dropping of your flyers is  867, Bishop Aboyade Cole, Victoria Island. Closest bus stop is Eko Hotel Roundabout, Lagos (notwithstanding we can arrange to pick them up at your location at no charge).

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to reach us directly at 090-8499-9920.

To view work from our most recent campaigns for clients in November 2017 – Please visit

Tracking on the go!

Furthermore, We would like to inform you that you can now have real-time access to live data insights from your campaigns. This way you can know the status of every job at any time, and easily implement on-the-spot proactive decisions. share flyers in abuja

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With our tracking on the go you can follow our distributing crew in real time from your desktop, laptop or smartphone. While at the same time providing easy communication to keep everyone on the same page with instant data insights and notifications.


RoadShows & Town Storming Marketing!


Additionally, the video clips below should help you gauge the quality of our work and rigorousness of our flyer distribution process!




  • Jadesola

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Hi Skillpatron, I came across your brand while checking online as my brand is in need of someone who can handle our strategic leaflet distributions. Your website looks very professional and well detailed as regards your services, can we hop on a call asap before close of business today to discuss the cost for your services. I can be reached on +2348171939740. Regards, Jadesola.

  • Adeyemi Oluwaseyi

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Hello,   My name is Oluwaseyi Adeyemi, I work for IQ Systems Solutions Limited and IT company.   We are about to roll out a mobile and web app and desire to contract the distribution of the flyer for the product to you.   Kindly intimate us on any information you require from us going forward. Regards,   Adeyemi Oluwaseyi, Human Resources, IQ Systems Solutions Limited. +2348028145275

  • Uwem Ekanem

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Hi SkillPatron team, The services we require is pretty straight forward. We want your company to print and distribute about 3000 stickers on public danfo buses and Kekes in select locations around Lagos. The stickers would be die-cut and would simply bear the name of a website and a tagline. A good example of the type of stickers we want is what has on most danfo buses in Lagos (I don't know if you've seen these stickers). I'd like to know if the brief is clear and if your company can print and deploy similar stickers like what has.  If this is the case, kindly send us a quote for this. Quote should be based on unit cost and should include cost of printing and distribution. Looking forward to a speedy response. Thanks

  • Tokunbo Adetoro

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Hi Seyi, Thank you so much. Great team, your guys were awesome and very entertaining.  Teekay.

  • Nwando Ivenso

    Hello, Jake.

    trust you’re doing great.

    Thank you for all the work you did with the campaign for our Lekki space. We’re still getting inquiries and interest as a result.

    We’d like to run another flyer distribution campaign to create awareness about our space in Dolphin and we’d like to reach People who live and work within and around Ikoyi.

    We’d love your recommendations on a distribution strategy and the best locations to focus on for distribution.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Warm regards,


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