Zero The Kidd: A New Upcoming Artist Who Could Be A New Legend In The Game

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Zero the Kidd is a hip hop artist coming out of boynton beach Florida who has taken the industry by storm by dominating smaller charts but putting up some legend type numbers by claiming a total of 10.1 million streams in 1 year.

Zero the Kidd ZTK Udemy Music

Zero the Kidd ZTK Udemy Music

Zero the Kidd has on featured on tons of magazines, blogs , radio stations and more with his stardom seeming nearer everyday he is on his way to becoming a rap legend his style and flow are very unique giving a refresher on a some would say “overly used” sound ZTK (Zero The Kidd) has settled in the category of melodic trap music which is where a lot of other artist like to dwell as well but he gives a brand new perspective on the name by switching flows and using cool effects to keep the audience captivated much like a young Kendrick Lamar. Some would say he is on his way to being one of the greats with his name a long side Kendrick , Cole and many others. But for ZTK it wasn’t easy he worked for years to get his sound to where it is now grinding in the studio late nights to perfect his craft 5 years to be exact he started making music in 9th grade but didn’t release his first single until his freshman year of college. Going back a few years Zero the Kidd was always infatuated With music going on to play the guitar in 2nd grade then the piano in 3rd this must of helped him with his quick accent to stardom . While some call him a “Future Goat” of the industry others say are very skeptical waiting to see how he performs on stage and handles his possible crown of the industry. ZTK has had a chance to hop on stage with some big time celebs but has turned them all down , most people would have leaped at a chance to be on stage with a big name star but yet ZTK presence on stage is still overdue. With his latest single “wave” fans have been waiting to see him jump and scream on stage as they sing along but I guess patients is required. We believe ZTK is a marvelous talent who has the rap industry in his sights and is ready to attack it , will he be a great artist and have his name immortalized or fall short? I believe he will seize the moment and claim his spot as a hip-hop legend and shock the world with his unique and very recognizable sound.

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