Exclusive Interview with Dan Doyle – Top Photographer from Pleasantville

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Brand Profile

For readers who don’t know you; could you please introduce yourself? 

I am Daniel Doyle, professional photographer based in Pleasantville, Ohio. My areas of focus include portraits, headshots, retail photography and video production.

Brand name? 

Daniel Doyle Pleasantville Photo Studio 

Dan Doyle Pleasantville Photographer

Dan Doyle Pleasantville Photographer

You’re a well-known professional photographer. Tell us about your background

Immediately after completing my high school education, I went to Ohio State University and studied photography. After graduation, I went on a long trip to Europe. The trip inspired me to create a blog, which I used to catalog everything from personal photos to landscape and architectural photos. I also worked in Queens, New York as a professional photographer for 20 years. 

What is Your Come-Up Story?

What initially drew you to photography?

I developed an interest in photography while in school. I started by taking portraits of family members and friends and compiled a formidable portfolio. My high school teachers wanted me to become a professional photographer and are glad I did. I got my biggest break after opening a studio in Queens, thanks to the lucrative deals that came my way.

How did you start believing in the work you do?

The fields of photography and videography have a lot to offer. I am happy I was able to identify my niche early as this has helped me excel in areas portrait and retail photography.

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started out?

Working in the competitive New York market wasn’t easy at the beginning. I worked very hard to maintain visibility and learnt many things that have given me a competitive edge. My work at Dan Doyle Pleasantville studios is now well cut-out.

Tell us about a time you were faced insurmountable challenge, yet persevered to overcome?

For most photographers, sudden changes in the weather often make it difficult to keep up with changes in the exposure. When shooting on location, I always pay utmost attention to the fast changing sun angles, lighting and shadows. The experience I have garnered over the years has helped my know how to organize myself for different situations. 

Working Daily Behind the Scenes

Where do you find your inspiration?

I am inspired by the motions and still life’s I see around me. I am talking family, street interactions and the surrounding environment. In case of the surrounding environment, I am normally compelled to shoot a moody photo when there is subdued lighting around. 

What role do you play in the company?

Being a freelancer, I operate a studio in Pleasantville, Ohio. Although many people think of me as a gifted hack, I appreciate the fact that many are willing to pay a premium to buy my photos.

What is one thing you do when you’re feeling stuck creatively?

Walking around the streets or riding in a bus or car does it for me. The creative aspect comes automatically as I conjure images around me to craft complete narratives. 

The Now

Which professionals are doing great things in photography and technology industries right now?

The list is endless. I can quickly point to Sarah Lean and Aidan Sullivan. Sarah is the Director of Photography at the National Geographic. She is behind many emblematic images and videography. Her work entails critiquing, editing and teaching professional photographers. Aidan is the founder of a media firm called Verbatim. He uses personal experience to inspire young people interested in photography and photojournalism.

Is it easy to sell your services to potential clients?

I believe most clients enjoy my photos because of the human element and the stories they tell. I always try to instill this narrative whenever I am scouring over the subjects using my camera lens.

What is going to change in the next decade in the photography?

I see the emergence of stronger sensors, intelligent cameras and smart photo editing software’s. Stronger lenses with hundreds of megapixels will allow photographers to shoot at night vision enabled ISO’s. Also in the offing will be intelligent cameras controlled by brain waves and eye motion. Access to these cameras will see photojournalism become a mainstream profession.

The Future

What would you like to attain by the end of 2019?

I would like to travel more for fun and inspiration. 

What’s one dream you’ve achieved that you’re most proud of and why?

I chose portrait photography because I excel in this area. However, I am most pleased with having a studio in my hometown. Reliving the childhood dreams is something I’ve always cherished.

If you were to turn the clock back, what advice would you give to your younger self?

The most potent weapon in photography is the mindset. I would go back and reach for my dreams without an iota of hesitation because delays in career decisions are often costly in later years.

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