Exclusive Interview with Cristian Saliadarre – Accomplished Song Writer, Actor & Screenwriter

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Cristian Saliadarre is an accomplished song writer/actor/screenwriter with a successful career spanning three decades, with pivitol roles in major hit Australian TV Shows like RAKE, EAST WEST 101, he also played the role of ‘Little Angelo’ alongside the late Heath Ledger in ‘CANDY’ 2006. Cristian Saliadarre is currently working on his first feature film called ‘No Country without Horses’ soon to go into pre-production in the USA, with Sterling Light Productions (producers of award winning ‘MULLY’). Cristian Saliadarre is absolutely one of the leading men to watch out for in coming years.

Cristian Salaidarre No Country Without Horses

Cristian Salaidarre No Country Without Horses

What is the first story you ever wrote? A story about a boy who was new to Australia and was bullied due to his ethnicity.

What movie/film are your currently working on? A ‘Feature Film’ called ‘No Country without Horses’ (written/starring Cristian Saliadarre 2020) picked up by US production company Sterling Light Productions :

Growing up, what movies or stories inspired your creative passion? 8-‘s movies such as Karate Kid, E.T, Break dance, That was then this is NO (with Emilio Estevez) and poetry.

Was there a specific moment that made you start writing and if so what was it? I was 12 years old and was bullied at school, it was an outlet for me to put my feelings down on paper, and a way to cope with the feelings of insecurities I had as a child growing up in white Australia.

For an unknown writer, what is the best way to get their screenplay seen? To keep creating and turning them into short films, and build a strong and vast network of artists to critique your work constructively, timing and luck that someone will resonate with your stories, but most importantly you must never give up because the universe will  bring you the right people to take you where you need to be, have faith and trust.

What experiences from your life influence your characters? My family, my past, my own experiences is what drives my stories, the pain I have experienced and the joy in myself and those I care about have become the essence of my stories giving them depth and purpose.

Can you explain your character development process? As an actor I let it find me along as I strip away the layers then rebuild them from first breath, creating a human being with all it’s complexities and beautiful nuances, and as a writer they speak to me as I visualize their lives and see each of their journeys.

Do you write bios before you start writing? I write back stories, where they come from, their lives before.

How emotionally involved are you with the characters you create? I have a kindred spirit connection, a deep co-existence in which I become them and experience through them , see through their eyes, not only as a writer, but as an actor as well, I feel what they feel, I feel what I read and what I see.

What is the most important aspect of building a great character? That you experience tem first before anything is written or creating, cos you see, that as an actor it’s all about stripping away every layer to the nakedness of pre-birth, then you can start adding the new life and human qualities , dark and beautiful.

Do you outline before you start writing? Yes I do, but lately I have written from what’s inside me, and due to my films being based on true stories, real life, it writes itself, I am just the vessel used by loved ones that have passed on, like my dearly departed and inspiration, my grandmother Maxima, whom inspired me to write my best screenplay so far called ‘No Country without Horses’.

What are your thoughts on structure? Structure is very important, it gives your story a strong arc, like a road map, but for me, I don’t follow any structure really, it just falls into place and I instinctively feel when I need to move forward.

Looking at your favorite films, what type of structure do these films usually have? 3 Act structure. Quentin Tarantino is my favorite that has such a unique structure and approach, and another major inspiration to my artistry.

Can you talk about the importance of having distinct character voices? It gives each character more of a human element and personality.

During the writing process, do you ever find that your characters start to speak for themselves? They speak to me mostly but as I write scenes, yes I actually hear the conversations myself.

Does dialogue come easily or is it difficult for you? It’s easy, but then its a long editing process to keep sharpening it, and stripping away the unnecessary dialogue and exchanging words with just a look instead is more powerful.

How do you avoid exposition? I don’t I let it happen then correct it.

What is your daily writing routine? Night sessions when all is quiet and the spirits come out to talk to me.

How do you overcome writer’s block? I live my life and let that inspire me , and come back to it when the inspiration is inside me..

What is the biggest misconception about being a screenwriter? That you write like a 9-5 job, on the clock, and that it comes to you when you want like a writer’s have a magical wand, it’s the inspiration we find in our own lives and around us that enables the creativeness to flow.

What is the biggest highlight of your writing and acting career? Having my first screenplay optioned by a well know production company this year. And finally being free as an actor to trust in my creative choices.

Can you explain your re-writing process? My first drafts end up at around 300 plus pages, then edits , draft after draft, it ends at a beautiful 120 pages or thereof. Thanks to help from editing team.

Do you look forward to this stage of the process? Yes, due to the fact that’s much easier and less pain staking or frustrating to cut down than try to fill in pages, lol.

How do you deal with the solitary aspect of screenwriting and preparing as actor for an emotionally challenging role? Seclusion and solitary confinement is what I love best, it’s my best companion, it always has been. It’s when I write at my best and as an actor, it takes me to the depths of my psyche and soul, and enhances my character preparations.

Name 2 writers and actors who have inspired you and why? – Quentin Tarantino due to his fearlessness, Paolo Cohello- due to his inspirational uniqueness, Daniel Day Lewis due to the depth in which he prepares and powerful drive, as well as the late Heath Ledger.

Name 2 TV shows that have inspired you and why ?– Seinfeld and Friends-the way it looks at life with such honesty.

Name 2 films that have inspired you and why? – Rocky movies -the underdog, the dedication and determination to never quit, and second chances in life, Sylvester Stallone is my biggest inspiration due to his focus, the way he made it and didn’t give up while he wrote his first ROCKY and his belief in that story to achieve success while touching people’s needy hearts.

Name 1 theater show that has inspired you and why? -’Devil’s Night’ by my friends Lukas Behken and Scott Haze, my first play in North Hollywood, Los Angeles years ago, which inspired me creatively and nothing has since then in such a profound way.

Where do you see yourself (as a writer and actor) five years from now? More stories, more movies, and fulfilled completely with my life, knowing I have made my wife, my children and my family proud and still going strong.

Where can your fans connect with you?


And finally – one surprising (non-writing related!) fact about you…I’m a sometimes a very stubbornly ambitious man, which does in fact balance out my simplicity and minimalist lifestyle I live, which to some close to me will disagree and say that YES HE IS STUBBORN, so I guess that’s not surprising.


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