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SocialGlamUp is a full-service social media growth and marketing agency. Our goal? Help you drive more qualified sales leads to feed your hungry sales team and grow the company’s revenue. That’s our obsessive focus; leads & revenue. Everything we do is centered around this end-game for our clients.

Think of SocialGlamUp as your marketing department’s secret weapon. There’s typically too much on your plate, not enough internal bandwidth or resources, and too many scattered vendors you’re working with across the marketing landscape (PPC, SEO, CRO, social, content, PR, etc.). We’re here to take things off your plate, have your marketing plan be as integrated as possible, and ultimately make you look awesome.

How you can work with us:

Strategy: audit everything you’re doing & build new strategy recommendations


  • Build out entire Paid Media Ecosystem (ad sets, marketing automation, Zapier integrations, full CRM integration, nurture/drip campaigns, content calendars)
  • Visual Content: (a) infographics (b) video animation (c) interactive content (d) visual reports & presentations (e) lead magnets (f) micro visuals for social media

Marketing Implementation: running of social media advertising campaigns, fully managed SEO, CRO, PR, and all things inbound marketing/lead gen oriented.

Contact us at +2348039922340. All you have to do is name it and we make it happen for you!


$30.00 / project

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Looking for the Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Lagos, London, or New York?

Social media management has gone beyond just being a tool to stay connected with friends and family, it is now one of the most important and globally recognized ways to reach a new audience and in turn, grow your business and increase brand awareness. This isn’t just limited to the big brands but also to millions of small and medium-sized businesses.

Social media marketing is gradually becoming very popular in our world today, moving side by side, and even starting to become more recognized than digital and E-marketing which are still very dominant statistically speaking. Businesses and companies around the world have turned their attention towards amassing customers on their various social media platforms rather than their websites. For many years now, social media has become a really useful agent of market intelligence. It serves as a comfortable platform where a firm and its consumers can interact, and monitor the success of its products or services through feedback given by individuals who have used a specific product or service rendered by the firm.

An estimated 3.6 billion people use social media around the world. This number is predicted to succeed in a wider range of 4.41 billion users in 2025. This categorically makes social media platforms an Ideal place to spice up one’s business success quickly and with ease as against other traditional means of advertising. Most social media platforms possess built-in analytic tools, which assist firms in tracking the favorable outcome and commitment of advertisement campaigns.

Social media marketing refers to the process of reaching people, audiences, prospects, and consumers, gaining traffic and brand awareness through social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and so many others. Social media marketing takes care of a marketing campaign, it aids the fixing and arrangement of a firm’s social media culture and therefore, the preferred appearance the firm would want for the general public. It permits companies to offer their customers and other internet users the opportunity to give reviews and comments on products that they have used, it provides an interactive forum for business owners and consumers. This is often preferable rather than making use of marketing advertising agencies.


  • It helps generate great exposure and brand awareness.
  • it improves loyalty to your brand, goods, and services provided by your business. When a brand makes use of various social media platforms, it increases its chance of enhancing brand loyalty. This is often because of the very excellent relationship between business owners and consumers.
  • It allows a firm the chance of getting across to a wide range of audiences/consumers.
  • It gives optimum satisfaction to customers. Seeing as there is a comfortable platform where consumers can lay complaints and get attended to quickly. it gives them a satisfactory feeling.
  • It is very cost-effective. It costs little or less to use social media in creating brand awareness. This helps businesses save plenty of cash that would have been used on advertising.


  • Have a good comprehension of your social media audience.
  • Making poor assumptions about your audiences and what they would like could pose a danger for marketing but with the dawn of social media marketing tools, you can cease making wrong assumptions.
  • Identify your target audience and choose a suitable social media platform that would suit your brand.
  • Before choosing a social media platform for product marketing, you first have to consider whether your target audience performs well and constantly on that platform. For example, a social media platform like LinkedIn has a well-educated user base, making it a platform for deep industry-specific content that might seem more complicated than what is seen on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Having solid media content is a great strategy for creating brand identity and awareness. You should know the kinds of content to publish to suit your target audience.


A social media marketing company is one that helps firms create good media content out of already existing content. Many businesses and brands don’t have the luxury of time or the expertise to effectively perform their social media marketing on their various social media platforms. Sometimes, handling social media and knowing the proper phrases or words to mention could pose as a tough task and a very time-consuming one for businesses, so hiring a social media marketing company becomes vital for companies hoping to achieve a certain and stable social media presence and awareness. Having in mind that social media platforms could either make or break businesses if the social media handler is not an expert at knowing the strategic things to say or do to meet its target audience or doesn’t know the right ways to interact with consumers, it is imperative for a business hoping to form headway among many to work with a good social media marketing company that could help give consumers optimum satisfaction. And that’s where we come in.

At SocialGlamUp, we offer a range of services which are split into creative and production social media strategy, website design, search engine optimization, and also social paid advertising. We come up with unique ideas for different social media platforms which differ in their diverse modes of operation. In this sense, we take into consideration the diversity of these platforms and use them accordingly.

We assign a member of their team to help in the management of a brand’s social media accounts and we ensure to give adequate responses, interact with the consumers, and keep them at ease when consumers could lay complaints or feedback they have about a brand. We also monitor a firm’s online progress, which includes recognition and response to consumers with different complaints and we target specific keywords and phrases that are important to the positive online presence of a brand. We take control and management of a brand’s presence on the different social media platforms and provide brands and firms with the guidance they need for a smooth social media presence.

Everyone still needs a website that’s up-to-date, mobile-friendly, and engaging and we can help simplify the process for you by developing your website in a way that’s user-friendly. At SocialGlamup, we possess the right competence in-house to create opulent visuals and help with professional pictures and video production. We also help come up with a complete brand strategy and design plan for start-ups or established brands who are not sure of the next step to take.

Contact us today and we assure you of increased sales, brand awareness, and improved online presence.

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Book Social Media Marketing Company
Book Social Media Marketing Company

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