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Education SEO Services


SkillPatron’s SEO team has developed and served SEO campaigns for hundreds of schools, universities, and educational establishments. As we continually transformed our client’s student capture, giving them top rankings in an extremely competitive marketplace, we help them reach new students internationally.

Our belief is simple: as you grow, so do we. Call us at +2348039922340 and let’s help you drive your educational business forward.

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Education SEO Services

At SkillPatron, We understand Search Engine Optimisation is a core foundation for any business. To ensure your site is structured correctly and optimised, we will drive more organic traffic as well as result in improved efficiency for other channels such as paid search social and referral traffic. We take pride in our SEO team’s depth of knowledge and continuing desire to evolve our SEO approach. Our team have access to industry leading technology to improve efficiency, gather multiple sets of data to be able to have a full view on the entire and every member of the team working on your site and campaigns are invested in your success performance of a website rather than just a sub section.

Education SEO Services

There is usually a common saying among digital marketers that – “the best place to hide a dead body is page three of Google”. If we are being honest, that is almost true. Most of the time, we usually just check out the search results on the first page. You do not have to worry; we know virtually every single person is guilty of this. In fact, we know you would rather change the search keywords than go through all the pages on Google. These days, getting your website ranked on the first page of Google is no mean feat, not to mention being at the top of search results. Usually, there are just 10 spots on the first page, with multiple businesses – sometimes hundreds, sometimes thousands, trying to be among the selected 10. It is important to mention that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to SEO, albeit we at SkillPatron; being one of the best SEO company in Nigeria, have developed the best tools, skills and effective methods to get your website ranked.

Education SEO Services

At SkillPatron, we thrive to carry out extreme research on your business, major competitors and even the industry at large. Our highly skilled and trained specialists will treat your business like it is theirs, focusing on removing major roadblocks and hurdles that could impact the digital reputation of your business. Doing this involves finding broken backlinks and replacing them with fresh and healthy backlinks. Sounds complicated, right? That is why you need the best SEO company in Nigeria to handle all the technical jargons for you! While some SEO companies in Nigeria would rather pay all their attention to page one rankings as the yardstick of helping your business grow digitally, we know that rankings don’t matter if they are providing necessary results.

Education SEO Services

At SkillPatron, we also focus on ROI, either in the form sales, enquiries, leads, etc. Which is why we prefer to think about your “expenses” on SEO as an investment instead.
When you take some time to think through the engagement levels of different marketing (digital or traditional) types i.e., Email Marketing, Social Media Influencing and many other types like that, it becomes almost impossible to doubt that SEO-driven traffic is by a wide range the most engaged, and the audiences are most likely going to become your customers. Why? This is because these potential customers, out of their own volition, decided to visit a search engine to search for their desired service or product, thereby finding your own business in the process, rather than see your ads all over their screen while they are trying to do some other things. Now, that’s a classic case of serendipity.

Education SEO Services

This is why we really believe the impact of a potential customer typing in what they need into a search engine and then discovering your business has a better chance to succeed than any other mode of behavioral advertisements or customer targeting you might be thinking of using. Being the best SEO company to handle all your digital presence needs, it might interest you to know that we have worked with some popular businesses in Nigeria across different niches including café neo, Iroko TV, Access Bank Plc., Piggyvest, Kodak, Filmhouse cinema, Dstv, Krispy Kreme, Uber and many more than you can imagine.

Some popular questions asked by our clients:
➢ Could you please explain SEO to me like I’m 5?
Search Engine Optimization is a tactical process of developing and advancing the quality of website traffic to a website on a search engine and it has proven to be more important than ever. It is important to every business owner with a digital presence to understand its importance and the massive opportunities it creates for a business to become successful.
Basically, SEO techniques are used to make your web page more user-friendly and to make navigation easier.

➢ What can I do to get my ads to rank no. 1 on Google?
Let’s be totally honest here, okay? No agency can give you an absolute guarantee for a #1 rank in Google for your ads. This is because there are usually quite a number of factors that influences the fluctuations in ads ranking when it comes to Google searches. Some of the major factors include: your competitors, quality score, Google’s algorithm update and the seasonality.
As one of the best SEO companies in Nigeria, we are however prepared to utilize our SEO strategies and keep your business at the top by monitoring the campaigns rigorously.

➢ How long does it take for Google to index my website?
The indexing process of your website on Google could take some time and this usually depends on a few factors. It could be influenced by the website popularity, the type of content being hosted, the structure of website to be indexed, and so on. If your website hasn’t been properly connected with different links from other websites or there is a certain complexity attached to your website design, you might encounter some delays, but this could be easily rectified when you take some time to consult us, for a very affordable fee.

➢ How long will it take for my website to reach top 10 Google search results?
For your website to start appearing on the first page of search results, you could give it two to three months. But if could also be a different case if you are using high competitive keyword phrases for your SEO.

➢ How do I know the current status of my website?
We always send out monthly reports containing the ranking updates and news that might be beneficial, so our clients are updated on recent happenings in the industry and we also give recommendations to help make things better.

➢ What is the pricing for your SEO Services?
At SkillPatron, we have different payment plans for our clients-
i. Local SEO Plan at N48,500.00/keyword for- first page rankings, instant alerts, competitor analysis, phone calls and email enquiries from customers etc.
ii. National SEO Plan at N 160,000.00/keyword for all features of local SEO, video and graphics syndication, directory listing on 50 sites etc.
iii. We also provide SEO training at N 198,500 for 1-on-1 training sessions, analytics and audit, sales and leads generation etc.

Contact us today and watch all your business aspirations come alive!

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