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85% of word-of-mouth is face-to-face. Only 7% is online.

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Roadshows, Town Storms, Street Marketing & Flyer Sharing…We Do It All – Lagos,  Ogun, Ibadan, Akure, Abuja, PH, Benin, Delta, Owerri, Uyo & Calabar.

We get your brand, product, or event noticed in a direct way to consumers…anywhere. Nationwide.

We have the promotional staff to bring your campaign to life. We provide staff nationwide to promote brands, products, events and services.

Street Team Marketing (also known as Field Marketing, Promotional Teams and Product Sampling Teams) involves the deployment of brand ambassadors to promote events, sample products, and engage people with sharable experiences.

Companies typically deploy Street Team Marketing to engage consumers on public sidewalks around transit bus stations, shopping malls, campuses, business districts, around city events and other outdoor locations with high-concentration of pedestrian traffic.

Roadshow Advertising Marketing Agency

We specialize in strategic brand campaigns, nationwide.

We distribute Premiums, Swag, or Social Cause Brochure Stands in retail shops. And of course, Flyers…all day long, nationwide.

Our clients operate in a wide range of industries from, products and services to food, auto, tech, education, fashion apparel and media.  We offer coverage in all major Lagos markets (including Ikeja, Surulere, Maryland, Gbagada, Ikoyi, VI, Lekki, VGC, & Ajah) and key secondary markets (including Festac, Yaba, Palm-grove,  Apapa, Ikorodu, Oshodi , Ketu-Ojota & Ogudu GRA ) working with you on the staff side and the execution, which is the last mile to your customer.

Distribution of Collateral or Flyers: Street Teams® or Brand Ambassadors work strategically to deliver your brand message to consumers in big cities and in metropolitan areas nationwide.

App Launch: Promoting that new monster App? We have professional staff that will introduce your app to your target audience at events, in the public space, or in-store!

Mobile Marketing: Branded vehicles can roll across a big city with professional staff onboard, targeting the most densely populated areas.  Street Team Promotion offers mobile marketing vehicles, mobile touring with staff and truck-side advertising in select markets nationwide.

Roadshow Advertising Marketing Agency Roadshow Advertising Marketing Agency Roadshow Advertising Marketing Agency Roadshow Advertising Marketing Agency Roadshow Advertising Marketing Agency Roadshow Advertising Marketing Agency Roadshow Advertising Marketing Agency Roadshow Advertising Marketing Agency Roadshow Advertising Marketing Agency Roadshow Advertising Marketing Agency Roadshow Advertising Marketing Agency

It is all about creating a lasting personal connection between your customers and your brand.  The key is to do it often and before your competitor does it better.

The benefits of street team marketing are:

  • Reach tens of thousands of target consumers each day in cities with ample pedestrian sidewalk and motorist traffic such as Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lekki, VGC & Ajah.
  • Face-to-face interactions offer opportunities to engage people with tangible and emotional brand activities
  • Getting trial-size product samples and purchase incentives into the hands of consumers considerably changes their buying behavior
  • Communicating brand initiatives to consumers in a less competitive environment
  • Interact with people around specific transit hubs, festivals, shopping districts, sports arenas and college campuses
  • Generate genuine and valuable content for social media
  • City permits are not needed for most street team marketing activations
  • Gather firsthand consumer reactions and insights

Selecting optimal locations and times of day to interact with the public is one of the many street team strategic services that SkillPatron’s City Marketing provides for companies and agencies.

A successful street marketing initiative involves compelling activation ideas that:

  • Communicate a clear and concise brand message
  • Include a call-to-action
  • Utilize more-than-a-flyer giveaways
  • Outfit brand ambassadors with caps, shirts and jackets
  • Equip the street team with hand-held signs and props
  • Offer incentives for consumers to share the brand experience digitally with friends

A street team marketing activations can take on various forms ranging from product sampling to ‘flash mob’ brand performance experiences.


Here are the most popular types of street team marketing:

Product Sampling Street Team – Consists of the planning, staffing, training, deployment and management of brand ambassadors to engage consumers with product messaging, samples and marketing materials.

Flash Mob Street Team – Involves the deployment of a 24+ brand ambassadors to perform coordinated brand stunts, songs, game shows and other acts that ‘surprise and delight’ consumers.

Costumed Character Street Team – Integrates costumed brand ambassadors to generate on-the-street attention and driver consumer engagement.

Experiential Street Team – Utilizes consumer participation props and activities to enhance the intended brand message.

Ambush Street Team – Deploys of a variety of the above described street team approaches around festivals, concerts and/or sports events not officially sponsored by a brand.

Special Event Street Team – Creates awareness about nearby brand pop-up shops, permitted outdoor activations and other experiential marketing events.

Retail Promotion Street Team – Spreads the word about retail, restaurant or other types of establishment special sales, in-store events and happenings.

Bicycle Street Team – Helps brand ambassadors standout in the crowd, store product samples and easily deploy to a variety of locations throughout the day.

Vehicle Street Team – Deploys branded cars, trucks, or trailers along with a street team to create a bigger on-the-street presence and transport product samples, props or experiential marketing activities.

With the breadth of approaches and tactics available it is essential to partner with a company with extensive experience in planning and producing street team marketing initiatives.

SkillPatron’s City Marketing helps companies with the following Street Team Marketing services:

  • Ideas consistent with the brand and relay the intended message
  • Location planning to connect with your target audience
  • Activation and logistical planning to ensure a successful outcome
  • Staff training and outfitting
  • Product samples and marketing materials logistics
  • Onsite activation management
  • Documentation, reporting and analytics

Many companies offer Street Team Marketing services, and it may seem a simple tactic to execute, however we know that effective brand activations require considerable strategy, planning, training and onsite management.

Contact us to learn more about our Street Marketing activations, pricing and examples of how companies can experientially engage consumers and achieve brand goals in Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lekki, VGC & Ajah and dozens of other cities.

  • Location / Region Victoria Island
  • Slogan 85% of word-of-mouth is face-to-face. Only 7% is online.

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Why is it essential to consider Street/Door-Door Marketing
Flyer distribution enables you to reach customers right in their homes. We can tailor fit your requirements by identifying who your market is, the design which fits you, printing processes and targeted distribution with the use of GPS trackers along with a system for verification.
What are the services we provide?
Media design, printing, market-consulting and distribution.
What are the best uses of Street/Door-to-Door Marketing?
This type of Marketing can effectively be used for awareness, customer traffic, branding, product launches, discounts, promotional events and many more
Which businesses would best suit this Marketing program?
This is suited for a business which aims to gain traffic, product awareness, sales, promotions or even store openings.
When it comes to response rates, what is the difference between Direct Mailing and Street Door-to-Door Marketing?
Direct Mailers’ response has declined over the years (at 1%). However, Front Door Marketing enables for a 3% response rate depending on how well the demographics are identified and the types of materials given out.
How can I make sure all the materials were distributed?
All of our dstributors carry GPS trackers which is relayed to the field manager. This ensures that your campaign will be delivered to your exact specifications.
Are apartments a part of your target distribution areas?
Yes, they are depending on your needs.
What kind of response can I expect from my flyer or Door Hanger distribution from freedom Marketing Corporation?
We offer solo or co-op distribution of your flyer or door hanger distribution. You will experience one or both of the following types of response: 1. Direct Response: Consumers call or visit your business looking to make a purchase. 2. Image Building: For each door hanger you distribute, one more person becomes familiar with your business.
How Can I track my Door hanger or flyer Distribution in?
Short-term response occurs within 2 to 7 business days. Since recipients must have your door hanger advertisement in-hand to take advantage of any special offers, you can easily measure the traffic each promotion generates. Call today to schedule a free consultation for your next door to door distribution project.
What size distribution can I do?
We can handle any job from 2,500 to 1,000,000 pieces. But if you are just getting started with door-to-door distribution, we typically suggest 5,000 pieces as a good start to do a good saturation and it is the most effective way to blanket your area.
Do you guarantee your distribution?
Yes, We will guarantee 95% of it. What we mean by 95% is, there is the occasional area, street or cul-de-sac that is posted no hand bills or door hangers. It is not often, but we do encounter from time to time. Though you can rest assured, all of your advertisements and materials will be distributed. We make every effort to cover every street in your targeted area within the boundaries of the law. The door-to-door distribution industry standard allows for a 5% margin of error and we will meet or exceed this almost every time.
Is there anything that affects a distribution?
Several things can present issues during a distribution, but these things are factors that are out of our control. Some of these include: Areas that are clearly marked no trespassing, dangerous or hazardous terrain, areas with loose animals, rain, dust storms, gated communities, wind, vehicle breakdowns, and printing department issues. One of our greatest priorities as a company is the safety of our Delivery Team. This is very important to us.
How many pieces can you deliver?
We can deliver from 70,000 pieces a day to 2,500,000 pieces a month.
How fast can I get my printed materials delivered?
Depending on the requested distribution location, we can often deliver within 2 days. Though it is bet not to hesitate. Occasionally we get booked up to 1 month in advance. We do however, set aside weekly block outs for special solo deliveries.
How do I know that you will deliver all of my printed materials?
You can be confident your flyers or door hangers will be delivered. And, we can even show you when and where the deliveries occurred using our patented City Trac GPS delivery reporting software. Every delivery person wears a tracking device that pinpoints their location to within 2 feet. Once reaching the door, he or she pushes a button signifying that the residence has been delivered. Additionally, our distribution teams are paid by the door not the hour. This insures that they are motivated and always moving. SkillPatron's City Marketing Unit is also proud of the fact that our distribution crews are paid more than most any other distribution crew in Phoenix or the surrounding areas. From the time we start, until the time we finish, our crews are under our supervision making sure your valuable marketing materials reach their proper destination.
Do you hire illegal immigrants or people off the street to do my deliveries?
No, all of our delivery people are pre-screened, background checked and trained by our compliance team. We also employ a very strict process when training every new team member to properly our proprietary distribution processes.
Can you deliver my door hanger or flyer to apartments?
Yes. We deliver to apartment complexes on a regular basis.
What type of response should I expect from my delivery campaign?
We promise to deliver your printed piece to your perspective customers. A customer response is only as good as your offer and your message. A great message with a great offer will bring more customers to your door. If you would like, we can run your message through our compliance department for review.
Is door-to-door distribution the same as soliciting?
No, door-to-door distributing is not soliciting, in most cases. The laws are very clear in most cities, “A guarantee of the 1st and 14th amendment of the constitution that gives people to the right to publish as they see fit.” However, we do our best to avoid areas posted no trespassing, no hand bills, no flyers, and anything else close in verbiage that pertains.
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