The Red Affair Collection

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In a World of Easy Love – as the song by Sigala goes, we find another Woman who is sucked into the rush of relationships. The sweetness of words that turn out to be nothings- but all a search for a little romance. Where it’s just the brush of colours on the face and bodies that seem to make these ones stay together. And even though she makes the good decision of cladding herself in all of House of tnt’s Red Affair Collection in our story, she doesn’t, the decision, too, to keep her heart safe.

They met at a party, individuals, with similar interests, likes and goals. And as it is always, where interests connect, they proceed to make it more Hollywood like: let’s have our first date.



And with more sweet nothings, laughter and the clink of fine glass, maybe it would be more African if we go on a second date.


He tells her how beautiful she looks in that red dress, even calls her his Lady in Red. He has never had such a feeling of complete and utter love as he does tonight.



It’s on to Public display of Affections; more friends to make jealous – see we are having the best times of our lives. More pleasant words whispered into the ears – for the heart has its archives. And ranging from the Feminine race whose defenses are known to be weakened by words, to that, people would always believe anything as long as it’s a compliment…..


It’s now to Private display of Affections. An open ride to a hot night of true lust.


In the family of lust, a child is now come to be lost, the mother is now calm and lost, the father having now cum, is lost. “C’mon how bad could it possibly become?,” she says. “What happened to all our words of love to each other?” “Let’s stop with the jitter and begin with the jingle?”


But there’s no jingle in his heart. And while she beams with all joy, she is ignorant of the wedding gifts careful scrutiny will never bring to her.


Suddenly, it’s not about the pretty face anymore nor the bright lights in your eyes when you smile, It’s about our hot-turned-cold nights and how you’re wasting my time.


Suddenly, it’s not about the “I can’t seem to keep my hands off of you when I’m around you, I’ve got to hit it right”, it’s about hands now fists, tearing you into bits, hitting you wrong.


And with the additional grieve that comes from a wife-beater, he tells her to pack her bags and leave.12

Moved with repentance or should we say a new leaf? he falls on his knees to plead.
We are reminded of the song by Asa, ‘So Beautiful’ – “Nitori omo, O jiya ni le oko(Because of the child, she suffers in her husband’s house)” – which is a song of herself, Asa, extolling her own mother.
Should our Lady in Red remain that a child sings her praises someday?
Should our Lady in Red leave or should She Stay?
would she live and would she grey?


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