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Leaflets & Flyer Distribution Services

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We Will Distribute Your Flyers, Leaflets, Handbills & Promotional Materials on Skates | You Pick the Location; We Get the Word Out With Swag. 

The CityMarketing Leaflet & Flyer Distribution Service is a division of SkillPatron. SkillPatron specializes in the highway & hand-to-hand distribution of leaflets, flyers, brochures and most promotional materials across Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan & Port-Harcourt. Using uniquely sophisticated GPS route logging devices we keep photo tracks & video logs of the delivery of every flyer distribution to give you complete peace of mind that your job has been fully delivered as well as easily implement on-the-spot proactive decisions.

The reports generated in our GPS tracking & Logging app above will show exactly the routes (and time range) where and when the leaflets have been distributed. You will continue to have access to this information via the app throughout your campaign so that you can know the progress of each flyer distribution activity for each day in real time.

Need a new spin on your offline marketing? Give SkillPatron’s City Marketing Unit a call today on 09084999920 or hit us up on Please be sure to visit our flyer distribution page at before calling in.

The Benefits of a Leaflet Sharing Distribution Campaign Versus Online Marketing

The importance of physical marketing in the business of our clients is because most of their customers are over 45. It may be a generational thing and maybe the next generation or the one after that will embrace digital marketing, and we will see the end of physical marketing…or maybe not. For all it’s worth online marketing (and other forms of marketing) does not trump flyer marketing each and every time.

There are some crucial areas where flyer marketing is still more effective than online marketing in Lagos.

  1. Only about 32% of Nigerians are active online. This means that more than two-thirds of our population cannot be reached through online marketing. Is this the portion of customers that’s important for your business?
  2. Older customers respond well to direct mail. Seniors for example are very hard to target online since there are only a very few of them active in social media networks (and in Lagos this demographic group have the highest purchasing power and are easily the decision makers in over 80 percent of all transactions that happen in the Nigeria).
  3. Leaflet distribution is second only to TV advertising in successfully promoting most brands.
  4. Flyers are tangible: Yes, the fact that one could touch and keep a flyer somehow makes a business a lot more real for some people than just encountering an online ad about it on Facebook. You cannot touch and feel or read the sleeve notes of downloaded music. A book with an intriguing cover holding numerous pages feel much warmer and interesting than the cold feel of a Kindle or PDF ebook.
  5. Select Targeting: In some cases, marketing in the real world offers a better targeting option than online. Take the case of an overseas admissions agency targeting students studying a certain course in Unilag or UI. It would be way much easier to just go to the school itself and give flyers to the students themselves than try to reach all of them online.
  6. Online marketing is expensive if you don’t know what you are doing. Believe us, online marketing is a complicated machine.  Running your ads on your own here is just like trying to fix your car by yourself – you could make some pretty expensive mistakes.  Bottom line is, if you are new to this, learn first or get some help.
  7. When people pick up and read a leaflet or a letter, they believe the message to be true and can be trusted more than a detached e-mail or text message. People in the marketing unit of banks, spas, property developers, restaurants, estate agents, insurance firms and pharmacies, will tell you that online sales soar once a catalogue or brochure has hit the customer’s hand.
  8. Nothing beats a well-targeted leaflet or flyer distribution campaign.  A leaflet distribution campaign with a compulsive call to action will have the prospective customers hitting their phones and firing up their computers ready to order. This is why Domino’s Pizza sends out millions of leaflets every year. They work!



Targeted leaflet distribution at popular centers and highways in Lagos is now a very attractive marketing option and is becoming mainstream since it is the proven medium used to reach your particular target market directly and locally.

If you intend to grow the level of sales and build your local market share in Lagos, you certainly must not underestimate the possibilities from personal interactions with your potential customers which only a targeted leaflet distribution campaign can guarantee (aside the TV of course!)

More and more savvy business owners are waking up to the fact that using the skates-based flyer & leaflet distribution to build the awareness of your brand and extend the reach of your business can be accomplished at a very inexpensive pricing.

So is “Physical Marketing” Making a Comeback, or has it Never Really Gone Away?

For digital titans such as  Amazon and iRokoTV (arguably Nigeria’s biggest technology startup at the moment) the move into bricks and mortar is one way to provide a more personal shopping experience for their users.


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Amazon and iRokoTV are not alone in extending their online efforts offline. Uber continues to spend millions of dollars on printing and distributing its Driver Sign-Up Cards denoting the driver’s referral code to get credit for referring new drivers to driver for Uber ride-sharing service where its drivers tap into the market for referral card purchases being made by commuters.

In the end a blend of Online & Flyer marketing has worked very well for our clients in the past and we are sure that it will still be a part of their marketing mix for their local business in the future.

leaflets distibution

The SkillPatron Flyer & Leaflet Distribution team specializes in sharing flyers, catalogs and any sort of promo materials on skates across Lagos. If you need to get the word out about your Event/Products/Services, we are the team for the job. Our flyer sharing unit can also  provide hand to hand  as well as targeted door-to-door flyer distribution within pre-defined areas.



Our team of professional skaters and qualified brand ambassadors can also help in promoting and distributing of handbills, fliers, postcards and any sort of promotional materials with the use of roller skates to convenient locations of your choice. With years of experience in both skating development, marketing & public relations. You will find no better substitute for the poise, knowledge and general passion that our flyer & leaflet distribution services exudes.



In addition to wearing your shirts…our leaflet dsitribution team includes professionals who are uniquely qualified to offer instruction, information and passional public relations services to your target audience.
The SkillPatron Flyer Distribution Team helps you grow your business by delivering your sales message to a larger, wider, and more geographically /demographically matched target market, with a variety of cost-effective, turn-key solutions.


All you simply have to do is select how, where, and when you want your material to be delivered.

With paralleled direct sales & marketing experience, we have the expertise to power a compelling advertising medium in any form, then put it into the hands of your prospective customers.  Some of our regular clients include iRokoTV, Solynta Energy, Diamond Bank, Samsung, GTBank, Glo, Nestle,  411 Restaurants & Bar, Nitro Night Club, Joerex Sports, MatsaSports,  and an endless list.


With this flyer distribution service from SkillPatron, you can choose to have your material delivered to homes, apartments, cars or street events. Each job is just for you; therefore we focus on your market.

All of Our Leaflet Distribution Jobs and GPS Tracked for Your Peace of Mind

Each of our distributors carries a GPS data logger with them when they are distributing leaflets.  This device uses satellites to record their position every second and stores all of this information on the device.

Not Only Are Our Crews Fully Trained. But Also A Supervisor Directs Each Crew. We Don’t Stop There; Even Our Supervisors Are Supervised.

All areas are accurately mapped. We maintain permanent dated records of areas covered and quantities distributed. Affidavits of performance are furnished upon request.  Our focal point is to deliver exactly what you are counting on us to deliver.


We know where your audience will be and you will often find our team distributing and sharing flyers across the hottest spots in Lagos’s busiest areas helping to get the word out about some latest product/service/event.


leaflet distribution

We take the time to understand your event or offerings and target audience so we can build a unique distribution schedule to make sure we get your flyers in the right hands.

leaflets distibution

Shop drops

We provide shop drops with all cooperating urban retailers. If you would like your flyers seen in some of Lagos’s best retailers of Hip hop music and fashion, at your request we can ensure that a small quantity of flyers are there for passing trade to collect.

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We provide bespoke promo campaigns based on our clients’ needs, so please let us know:

  • The date and nature of your event/product/service.
  • How many flyers you need circulated,
  • If you wish to cover specific events or if you would like us to plan the entire promo campaign for you.
  • What location you are targeting.

We will then let you know a set price for your campaign; in addition we will send you a distribution schedule and daily reports.

We Will Distribute Your FlyersHandbills on Skates

Below are a few key activities we carry out with the use of our roller skates:

  • Handbill distribution
  • Road shows
  • Entertainments
  • Video shoots
  • Political campaigns
  • Church Outreaches
  • Advertising your products and services
  • Increasing your customer’s base
  • Promoting special offers and seasonal sales
  • Building your brand awareness
  • Piloting new promotions.
  • Delivering information about your company and its products into the hands of your customers
  • Event promotions and marketing

At a Glance

  • Benefit from low costs per prospect
  • Send anything from leaflets to catalogs
  • Enjoy a range of targeting options
  • Access to all busy areas in Lagos.
  • Delivery by our professional, delivery skaters wearing your branded uniforms/shirts.
  • No LAMATA & Civil Union Hassles.
  • Free online distribution on our online mag, strong Twitter influencer network (250 members) and Facebook group.




Help us to Help You Boost Your Sales & Marketing Efforts with our Two Phase Distribution Campaign by:

  1. Ensuring You Adhere to the Most Important Elements of A Good Flyer Distribution Campaign.
  2. Taking Your Flyer Distribution Campaign Online.

Targeted Leaflet distribution at popular centers and highways in Lagos is now a very attractive marketing option and is becoming mainstream since it is the proven promotional medium used to reach your particular target market more directly and locally.

Our comprehensive range of services can take your advertising from concept to delivery, taking the stress out of what can be a logistically challenging exercise!

Our team can help you sell your product or services easily with a professional promotional leaflet that is delivered more directly through your customer’s car doors or hands, for less than 15 Naira per flyer. We will help you create your own sales campaign from start to finish in 5.



Our Step-By-Step, Implementation Process For Your Campaign

Note we can come in at any step of the way.  We’re here to help every step of the way—

When you work with SkillPatron’s Distribution Unit, we will guide and support you through the entire process, advising on all aspects of your Lagos leaflet distribution.

Designing with Visual Appeal: If you need to promote your business in Lagos but don’t have a leaflet or flyer in mind, talk or chat with our creative designers who will produce industry appropriate, eye-catching adverts that will draw attention to your promotions and special offers.

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We will not over emphasize this. Your flyer or marketing material above all NEEDS TO BE INTERESTING. DON’T EVER JUST CREATE A DULL FLYER & EXPECT BIG RESULTS. People in Lagos today have so many distractions and you have to go into the situation knowing that you are competing for their limited attention spans.  Why would someone purchase a product/service from you or attend your event? You need to show prospects how what you’re offering is going to benefit them.  What type of action do you want people to take after reading your flyer or promotional material? Make it clear what you want them to do whether it’s picking up the phone, going to your website or sending you an email. If you’re not sure where to start, call us today at 09024000661. Our team can design your promotional material, help with the text and get it printed.

Printing Services: As part of our total direct marketing solution, we can provide high quality printing services at very competitive prices, and would be happy to advise and quote on any of your printing work. Once you have Reviewed & Approved the flyer design we will proceed with printing within 24 hours.

Campaign Planning: Select the highway, events, malls, venues, streets and people you want to target around your business area or anywhere in Lagos. You will receive a list of suggested areas to suit your target market.  Our experienced campaign planners bring the whole leaflet distribution process together, devising bespoke solutions to the needs of your company. Working with you, we will plan strategic leaflet distribution campaigns that will promote your business effectively anywhere in Lagos, taking into account a number of factors to deliver a bespoke solution:

  • Business location
  • Size and nature of business
  • Reason for advertising
  • Location of existing customer base
  • Local events
  • Competitor activity

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Leaflet Distribution: At SkillPatron, we take pride in delivering a top quality, professional leaflet distribution service that puts our clients first. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, none of our distribution is outsourced to third parties. In order to maintain our self-imposed high standards of leaflet distribution, our own teams of trained and supervised leaflet distributors will deliver your leaflets and flyers. In addition, all distribution is verified for accuracy before you are notified that your campaign has been completed.

Online Distribution: This Gig offers you an SEO Friendly Press Article/Interview or Feature published on our online magazine. We will be requiring a softcopy of your flyer for this promotion on our online mag and Social Media Channels.  You will also need to send us a link to any of your website, blog or social media pages – taking a look at samples of your work will help us publish a post tailored to your brand as much as possible.

What’s Included in Your Online Distribution?

  • Beautiful Graphic Design – made for your post. This design will also be resized for posts to any of your social media handles including Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.
  • Twitter Promotion – Expect no less than 10-250 re-tweets from of our most active followers on Twitter. A possible Twitter Nigeria Trend of the hashtag used in your post is often possible but not guaranteed.
  • Facebook Promotion – on our Facebook Group with 250,000 extremely active Members.
  • SEO/ SEM – We will optimize your post for up to 4 long Tail keywords to enable your customers to find you in Google.
  • Up to 4 Business Links
  • Up to 6 Personal & Business Social Media Links
  • Up to 20 Personal & Business Photos

Reporting. We can provide daily reports during leaflet delivery and audit report once distribution is complete.

Remember there are now over 600 television channels, over 400 Radio Stations, over 9,000 Magazines & Newspapers, over 100 million websites, YET ONLY TWO MEDIUMS can almost guarantee a personal interaction with your potential customers:

  1. The obviously expensive TV promotion and
  2. A well-targeted leaflet distribution campaign.

Aside the TV only a leaflet distribution firm can get your information directly into the hands of thousands of your customers/decision makers.

Need a new spin on your offline marketing? Give SkillPatron’s City Marketing Unit a call today on 09084999920 or hit us up on Please be sure to visit our flyer distribution page at before calling in.


We Will Distribute Your Flyers, Stickers & Promotional Materials on Skates in Lagos
September 23, 2017
  • Address 867, Bishop Aboyade Cole Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
What Sort of promotional materials do you distribute?
Our on-skates distribution team handles all types of printed/promotional materials and product samples including flyers, leaflets & post cards.
What type of promotional materials do you NOT distribute?
We do not distribute materials promoting pornographic, explicit sex, illegal, offensive or adult activities, Ponzi Schemes.
Where do you distribute promotional materials?
Currently, our direct mailing & flyer distribution services cover Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Port-Harcourt, Ibadan & Akure only. We are primarily responsible for ensuring that all necessary permits are obtained at each local government area in Lagos. It is, however, the responsibility of the client to create the plan for distribution (for free our team can develop a distribution plan). If our team is asked by authorized officials to stop distribution, we will pause the campaign. If the client wants to select a different area after work has been put on hold due to violations, the client will be responsible for the fees associated with moving to a new location and work done on additional days.
How many flyers can be passed out per day?
Each person on our distribution team can pass out a max of 200-400 flyers per day. This takes about 8-10 hours to complete. There are several variables that could affect this number like: 1. Where the flyers are being distributed 2. If it’s door to door, the spacing of the homes, the length of the driveway and the type of doors 3. The weather
How long will it take you to distribute my promotional materials?
Please understand that we always generally advise a distribution strategy of no more than a 1000 copies per day; simply to ensure our skaters adhere to our minimum quality volume per delivery benchmark. That being said it'll take 5 days to distribute 5000 promotional materials and 10 days to distribute 10000 promotional materials. The larger the flyer team, the faster the job is complete. For example a 5,000 flyers distribution can be completed within 1 day with a team of 6 flyer guys.
Do you have any guarantee?
We do not guarantee results with distribution services. Each advertiser’s experience is different and the results could vary on a number of factors such as location, promotional material or even the actual service/product.
Do you offer printing services
We do offer printing services for our clients for an additional cost. Please contact our team at 09084999920 for a custom quote.
Is there a minimum order?
Yes, the minimum order is 1,000 pieces.
Can I pick my own location?
Yes, you are responsible for picking your own location, although, we don’t deliver pre-addressed materials, you can pick the general area (i.e. subdivision, neighborhood).
How do you get my promotional pieces?
We can pick your materials from the location you prefer. There are no additional charges for this service.
How does the payment process work?
All payments must be made in full before services are rendered. All transactions costs are to be made payable ESTREET TECHNOLOGIES, GTB, 0125969854 by direct bank deposits or online transfers. You will receive an electronic receipt of your invoice after we confirm payment.
What is your cancellation policy for distribution?
Services must be cancelled within 7 days of your distribution date. All services not cancelled within the appropriate time will be assessed a fee equal to 20% of the quoted cost of the project to help offset the pay we have to provide for our team for reserving time and not being able to work other projects. We cannot cancel campaigns that have already started.
What happens if the weather prevents distribution?
If the weather prevents distribution, the client can either reserve another date to have their items distributed or get a refund (if it’s within the standard period for obtaining a refund). For the safety of our team, we will not distribute materials in the rain, below freezing temperatures, thunderstorms or any other conditions that may be rendered unsafe. In instances such as theses, We cannot be held liable for weather and situations beyond our control.
What happens if our team is asked to leave a location?
If we are asked by residents or local businesses to leave a location, we will relocate. The law in some estates, street areas, business areas does allow solicitation even when residents are not a fan of it but we cannot and will not distribute in an area where the residents are not comfortable with the situation. This is done for the safety of our team and to avoid any dealings with law enforcement. Relocating does not warrant a refund or credit so we strongly advise clients to have some backup locations. This is usually necessary when the location is a really confined and regulated area.
How do I know that my materials are been passed out and not trashed?
A member of our management team does random site visits to ensure that work is being done legally and in a professional manner. If you need added assurance, you can purchase our GPS distribution services for an additional N10 per flyer. If you want to keep costs low and avoid this extra fee, you can request a text and/or email at the end of each distribution day so that you can drive out and view each location. For even more quality assurance please visit to learn more about our ride-along service.