Wealth Management Marketing for Afrinvest


Managed Funds have opened the doors of the investment community to ALL classes of investors. Now, with just N5,000, you can earn on your savings, even at your current income level. Watch more from Ola Belgore, MD, #Afrinvest Asset Mgt Ltd here: https://youtu.be/Zh1XDd7opP0

With SkillPatron’s help in financial adviser marketing, Afrinvest’s wealth and asset management firms can provide experiences that meet the needs of high net-worth individual investors, financial advisors and other financial institutions.  Afrinvest is a trusted source of market and investment insight.  SkillPatron’s CityMarketing activities helps them efficiently publish, personalize and deliver it to their customers across different channels.

You will below some of the “Close Up” shots from several of our campaigns (December 10-December 18, 2017). At most of the busiest spots and highways in Lagos.




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