Successful Movie Marketing Strategies for Potato Potahto & Why They Worked

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Potato Potahto’s marketing campaigns did a lot more than make a simple movie trailer. They also created content and tangible promotional products that engages audiences, builds buzz and sparks further conversations  on social media to create widespread awareness as well as physical  interactions in which they continue to  draw audiences through user-generated content and immersive experiences.

“Potato Potahto” unveils the story of a recently divorced couple whose intentions to share their matrimonial home snowballs into chaos just  after the husband Tony brings in a sexually attractive female house keeper.

Ath the same time his ex-wife Lulu goes all-out to hire an physically attractive young man to help her out, as should be expected, a roller coaster ride of laughter, jealousy and tears ensues.

“Potato Potahto” is written and directed by the award-winning Shirley Frimpong-Manso, who is known for “Rebeca,” “The Contract,” “Devil in the Detail,” “Grey Dawn” and “V-Republic.”

“Potato Potahto” is also among the official selection for the 2017 Africa International Film Festival. While WildFlower PR launched a wide array of film promotion activities for Potato Potahto, they really got the business off the ground, by having us distribute 20,000 colourful & engaging A5 sized leaflets.

You will below some of the “Close Up” shots from Sunday’s campaign (November 24th-December 7, 2017). At most of the “Cinema” cities across Nigeria.

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