One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Sell off your unwanted your items on Moehly

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Thanks to Moehly.com there’s no longer any excuse for keeping three old iPhones in a drawer or letting an old cooker gather dust. Moehly’s website and app will turn your unwanted stuff or fairly used items into cold, hard cash— that can make sure the process is as smooth and profitable as possible.

Moehly handles the pricing, packaging and all the other selling logistics for you, and has a concierge service currently live in the Europe  (so someone comes to pick up your items). If you’re anywhere else in the world then you get packing materials sent to your door instead like an online pawn shop by tapping into several second-hand markets to find a buyer and save you the hassle (for a cut of the final price of course).

Additionally, Moehly has made it easy for you to run your business in Nigeria while you are abroad.

  • Are you importing goods or providing services to Nigerians?
  • Or you simply have goods in Nigeria to sell?
  • Get your FREE online store MOEHLY.com/your_company_name, yes you heard me right, it is completely FREE. You only pay a little commission when your item is sold.
  • No Sales, No Commission charged.
  • Display your upcoming goods online before even reaching Nigeria for FREE, doing so you get your buyers ready and you increase your sales

The snapshots below were taken from our flyer distribution campaigns for Moehly at the busiest garages and spots in and around in Yaba, Tejusosho & CMS.

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