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How to Distribute Flyers in a Neighborhood

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Reliable estate agents leaflet distribution is a perennial problem for many estate agents


Leaflet distribution is hard work!

Thinking of doing it yourself, or perhaps getting some junior staff member to distribute your estate agents leaflets…think again! It’s hard work! When was the last time you delivered your own estate agency leaflets? If you can’t remember then give it a go and see how many you manage in an hour. Scale up to the number you are planning and that will give you some idea of the job in hand.  Office workers, like estate agents, who spend most of their time behind a desk and on the phone are likely to struggle with the grind of hours of leaflet distribution.


Is it the best use of your resources? How much does it cost per hour to employ your staff and how much are you paying the distribution? Look at cost per 1,000.


More effective Flyer Distribution Service for Real Estate Agents

As well as the possibility that a professional leaflet distribution company could cost less than using your own staff it also allows you to plan proper distribution schedules.  Leaflets can be delivered within agreed time frames rather than waiting for a convenient time to do it yourself.  You can plan more effective campaigns with targeted messages for the best times of the year to pick up new stock.

Cheap Flyer Distribution Service distribution is not always the best

Have the leaflets been delivered or not? The uncertainty that often accompanies any Flyer Distribution Service distribution can often be a worry. Leaflet distributors are often on the minimum wage so most distributors are competing with similar staffing costs which can account for as much a 90% of the total distribution cost.  Some will be better organised and managed than others which may cost a little more or add a little more value. If you have one distributor that is much cheaper than the others then perhaps stay clear.  They are likely to be cutting corners in some way e.g. Distributors may not be employed legitimately and paid below the minimum wage. Service levels are reduced, which means not all the leaflets are delivered.


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