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Jonzest: Artist |Rapper | Singer | Songwriter

Cabs Rock Entertainment Ninja, Jon Zest is a Nigerian multitalented artist, rapper, singer and songwriter. He recently released a crispy fresh banger for the street titled “Alert”  featuring Oladips. This song was produced by Mr Lekki, an Abuja based Producer and it was mixed and mastered by SoundandMe. Check out his Instagram page @jonzestofficial for his latest music and […]
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Ladi’D: Artist | producer | song writer

Ladi’D is a Nigerian multitalented artist, music producer and songwriter. One of his highly acclaimed piece of music titled “Power Bank”  released in February 2017 is recognised nationwide. The music video for  “Power Bank”  comes through as a fresh, sultry and steamy new twist to music in Nigeria. Click on the link below to listen and enjoy this rhythmic track titled “Power […]
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Samurai Entertainment Empire: The Entertainment Company

Samurai Entertainment Empire entry in the Nigerian music scene as thriving and promising record label company is changing they way artist produce music in Nigerian. They are also your go-to spot for all your latest entertainment gists, breaking celebrity news and updates about new upcoming artists. They stand out as an outstanding source of the latest […]
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Introducing RenMoney: The Ultimate Financial Solution Providing Simple Money Solutions

RenMoney MFB Limited formerly known as RenCredit was created in 2012 and has since expanded to having branches in Ikeja, Surulere, Lagos Island, Apapa and Ikota. RenMoney was founded with the prime focus on providing simple money solutions- providing easy loans and investment opportunities- at an outstanding rate, evident from their ever-growing customer base, currently numbered at over 25,000 customers.  Not surprising as RenMoney was the first Micro Finance Bank (MFB) to launch Cloud technology with minimal fixed asset […]
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AdeLove Online daily publication, covering Nigerian news and trending topics. 

AdeLove provides in-depth coverage on breaking news and information covering Nigerian news, general international news and top stories, weather, business, entertainment and politics. Stay up to date with the latest top stories, check out their page at  adelove.com for the latest Nigerian news, a blog — featuring gist and opinions on relative subjects — business, energy, sports, entertainment, Jokes, fashion and lifestyle. They have […]
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Designers Tbags Offers Trendy, Affordable Designers’ Bags

Ladies, time to switch up your style? A bag or a purse can totally change how you look. Imagine if you can get classy bags yet sophisticated and can be used during office to after-hours with style. Designers Tbag has discovered a way to give you trendy yet affordable designers’ bags. And that extra the stunning piece of accessory to complement any outfit. They have a variety of bags that are spacy enough to carry all […]
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AdeLove Shipping: The Masters In Providing Hassle-free, Cost-effective Logistics Services

AdeLove Shipping provides smooth delivery services and cost-effective logistics services to their clients home and abroad. Their headquarters is located in Houston, Texas, and they have a track record of trust, consistent, efficient delivery services with no last minute surprises and hidden charges.  AdeLove Shipping works with all leading airlines and sea carriers worldwide, using reliable, safe, and environmentally friendly Cargo/Vessels available in the industry in […]
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Frontpage For Men Redefines What It Takes To Be A Classy Man

Men, get in here! Fun fact: your shoes are the first thing people subconsciously notice about you, wear nice shoes. As with most things in life, all shoes are not created equal.  Frontpage For Men sorts out to redefine and provide authentic men’s luxury designer shoes, from corporate, semi-formal to casual shoes from leading brands like Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Roberto Cavalli, TOD’S, Loake Shoemakers, Armani, Dior and many […]
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Madani Natural Skincare, Proves That Beautiful Skin Is Worth Having

Ever noticed how almost all skin care products claim to use natural ingredients and produce remarkable results? Yet, most of them end up causing more skin problems like acne, dark knuckles, sunburn, dehydrated skin and host of other skin problems, leaving you with troubled and dull skin which can lead to low self-esteem. Madani Natural Skincare changes this premise by […]
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Quincy Inners: The Ideal Online Store For The Perfect Lingerie

Buying lingerie is one a task that might seem small but it has the power of determining how you feel. Every woman knows that finding the perfect piece of underwear is a big deal. So, whether its boy shots, briefs, set stocking, lacy options, high-waisted options or just comfortable lingerie that accentuates your feminine curves, Quincy Inners is the ideal online shop.  Quincy Inners has made choosing the perfect lingerie easy with just one swipe. Quincy Inners aims […]
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