Looking For A Cook In Lagos
If you are looking for a cook in Lagos you have come to the right place – ring us on 09084999920 or 09024000661 or 08078066526 as each of our clients are unique with personal tastes, dietary goals, health considerations, and specific nutritional needs. Meals and menu plans are tailored specifically for each client so menu packages and pricing vary accordingly and will be determined during the initial complimentary consultation.

Looking For A Cook In Lagos
Looking For A Cook In Lagos

Hiring Chefs from SkillPatron include the following:

  • Conducting an in-depth client questionnaire and dietary assessment
  • A hands-on assessment of your kitchen so your chef is prepared for our first cooking date
  • Tailor-made menu planning
  • Personal discussion of menu options
  • Personal grocery shopping based on the ingredients of your menu
  • Meals prepared and cooked in your kitchen
  • Packaging, labeling, and storage of all prepared meals
  • Easy-to-use reheating instructions for each meal
  • Cost of groceries and pantry fees are extra.
  • No one likes “hidden charges” so I’ve listed out the following fees, expenses, and charges that are typically encountered.
Looking For A Cook In Lagos
Looking For A Cook In Lagos

These represent actual costs – some are common while others are not. Below you’ll find explanations for each of the items listed in the sample invoice on the right.

Processing & Storing Imperishable Supplies: All non-perishable, non-food items required to complete, package, store, reheat, serve, or clean up after the menu items we’ve agreed to. These charges should be unusual as I will make every effort to utilize what you already have on hand. Example: Aluminum foil, dish washing soap, de-greasing cleaner, glass or plastic containers and lids for packaging and freezing your food items, etc.

Looking For A Cook In Lagos
Looking For A Cook In Lagos

Extra Expenses: Uncommon but it can happen. Scenario usually arises when the client changes any part of the menu that requires additional travel for supplies that I don’t have in my pantry and cannot obtain locally. Client will be advised of this beforehand.

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