Terms And Conditions:
The SkillPatron Personal Chef & Catering Service is a personalized catering and personal chef business made up of culinary professionals who provide in-home culinary services, education, and instruction. We are not practicing nutritionists or registered dietitians. We prepare nutrient-dense, wholesome, and honest dishes for our clients, however we are not licensed to provide nutritional guidance or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment of any kind. For any health concerns, please contact your physician or health-care professional. It is recommended that you speak to your doctor prior to beginning any new dietary changes.

Menu Approvals:
We will send you an email with customized menu options for the week for you to choose from. If desired, you may approve or deny certain items. We communicate the menu options and the approved menu through email/WhatsApp. We appreciate approvals to be done 1 day prior to your day of service by 6PM. We reserve the right to cancel our services for the cooking day if a response is not rendered. We do not approve menus over phone calls due to any possible confusion or errors in the menu.

Shopping Policy:
We provide personal chef services, however we do not provide personal shopping services outside of the scope of the approved menu for that week.

Time Frame / Hourly Costs:
We will gladly work to meet your hourly requirements however we cannot guarantee how long a menu item will take. To help guide our clients who are seeking to stay within an hourly time-frame, we suggest keeping the menu quite simple (one dressing for the week, two items that are similar, etc) so that this suits the timeframe you signed up for.

Food Safety:
As a company, we will cook, package, and label all food items. Food items will be cooked to required cooking temperatures to eliminate illness (unless instructed otherwise) and stored properly in your refrigerator.

SkillPatron’s Private Chef Services does not take responsibility after the food is taken over by the client. Proper handling of the food is turned over to the client once services are rendered. We will provide the client with reheating instructions, however you are responsible for any problems that could occur due to improper storage/handling.

If a product is recalled, SkillPatron Personal Chef & Catering Services does not take responsibility for conditions that were unforeseen.

Chef Breaks Policy:
The SkillPatron Personal Chef & Catering Services takes the health and wellness of our team very seriously. Due to long periods of standing, we allow our staff to take a full 15 minute break to eat their own packaged lunch, sit down, or answer emails.We thank you for your understanding in the welfare of our staff. If you feel your SkillPatron Private Chef has taken advantage of this policy please contact our support team at your earliest convenience – 09084999920, 09024000661,  or 08078066526.

Cancelation Policy:
We appreciate your business and your courtesy of prompt notice. We require a minimum of 48 hours notice if you will be canceling your service for the day.

If you plan to travel for 1 week or more, we require 1 week (7 full days) in order to run our business efficiently.

If cancelation does occur without 48 hours notice, or 7 full days due to travel of 1 week, you will be billed N15000.00. This is how we earn a living and we appreciate your prompt notice out of courtesy for our services. Certainly, exceptions do apply if an emergency occurs.

You will receive an invoice to your email which will come from “SkillPatron Services Limited” as the sender. All payments are to be made payable SkillPatron Services Limited, 1015659360  Zenith Bank as stated on the invoice and not any personal accounts of our staff.

We accept payment by bank deposit or transfer  within 5 days of the date of the generated invoice, typically 5 days after the previous cooking date. By accepting this agreement you agree to pay within this time frame. If you do not make a payment within these 5 days our service will be withdrawn  and we will not resume cooking activities until the bill for each 5 days that it is unpaid.

Liquidated Damages For Hiring Skillpatron Employees:
If, during the term of this agreement or for twelve months thereafter, client (or potential client) directly or indirectly retains the services (whether as an employee, independent contractor or otherwise) of any employee of SkillPatron Services Limited (or ex-employee within three months of the employee’s termination from SkillPatron Services Limited who has provided services to client on behalf of SkillPatron Services Limited, client agrees that SkillPatron Services Limited will be damaged, but that the amount of this damage will be difficult to determine. Accordingly, client agrees that for each such SkillPatron Services Limited’ employee hired by client, client will pay SkillPatron Services Limited, the sum of five million naira as liquidated damages. Notwithstanding the foregoing, for the purposes of this section “Liquidated Damages For Hiring Skillpatron Employees,” “employee of SkillPatron Services Limited” shall include only employees of SkillPatron Services Limited who provide services to SkillPatron Services Limited’s customers and leads and shall not include accountants, attorneys or other independent contractors of SkillPatron who provide services to SkillPatron Services Limited itself.