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How Avengers: Infinity Wars became the biggest movie to hit cinemas across Nigeria.

The much-anticipated blockbuster from The Marvel Studios, Avengers: Infinity Wars, officially premiered on the 27 April 2018 across Nigeria. The action-packed movie kept its views trapped in their seats as they witnessed Thanos, the Titan seize all the six Infinity Stones. Thanos becomes an unfathomable force, so powerful that the joint collaboration of all superheroes […]
by Dera Joyce / May 23, 2018 /In Flyer Distribution

Lionsbet Becomes Nigeria’s Best Betting Company

The sports betting market in Nigeria is among the most mature in the world. Some of the biggest betting brands have been in business for several decades (in other countries) and have developed a strong reputation for reliability, quality products and excellent customer service. Regulated at home by the Nigerian Gambling Commission, many Nigerian betting […]
by CityMarketing / November 21, 2017 /In Flyer Distribution

Sell off your unwanted your items on Moehly

Thanks to our client there’s no longer any excuse for keeping three old iPhones in a drawer or letting an old cooker gather dust. Moehly’s website and app will turn your unwanted stuff or fairly used items into cold, hard cash— that can make sure the process is as smooth and profitable as possible. […]
by CityMarketing / November 21, 2017 /In Flyer Distribution

Ọlọ́jà for Grocery Shoppers is Looking to Eliminate Checkout Lines in Lagos

The newly launched Ọlọ́jà brand is an online fresh food & grocery portal bent on providing gratifying convenience by delivering high quality, fresh, natural and affordable food items straight to your door step. Ọlọ́jà is looking to meet the growing demand of business/career women, working mothers and a lot of individuals who wish to purchase […]
by CityMarketing / November 21, 2017 /In Flyer Distribution

Flyer Distribution for PayDiamond

Do you know that you could invest in Diamond business here in Nigeria and earn up to 150% annual returns on your investment. The amazing facts about this opportunity is that you earn without selling or referrals and your investment is secured and guaranteed. In the last few weeks, PayDiamond has been getting lots of […]
by CityMarketing / November 21, 2017 /In Flyer Distribution