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GATE Academy: Discover How To Prepare Your Child For Academic Excellence

It is said that there is no better investment of time and resources than education. And if you’ve got a kid, the stakes are even higher. How do you entrust the education of your child in the comfort of your home to a total stranger? GATE Academy understands the dilemma parents go through in picking out top-notch educators who are the same time trustworthy.  Gate […]
by Dera Joyce / May 31, 2018 /In Flyer Distribution

Flyer Marketing for Imani Swank in Lekki Phase 1

Flyer marketing in Lagos can be tricky because your flyer has about 7 seconds to make an impression. We understand the science behind creating flyer distribution campaigns that quickly, and effectively share your message. Contact us at 09084999920 to talk about your next flyer distribution campaign that you need created. The snapshots below were taken […]
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Flyer Distribution in Lekki & Ikoyi

A SINGLE SHEET OF PAPER WITH THE RIGHT WORDS CAN GO A LONG WAY TO ENHANCING YOUR EXPOSURE. YOU DO WHAT YOU DO BEST. WE’LL HANDLE THE MARKETING. Whether you outsource your entire marketing department to us or just your digital marketing, SkillPatron’s City Marketing services will handle the strategy and implement the tactics to […]
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JSAID’s Street Marketing & Leaflet Distribution in Ikoyi

WITHOUT PROMOTION SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAPPENS…NOTHING! Let’s Discuss Your Plan – this plan includes every aspect of your marketing efforts. There is a lot to discuss, and a lot to get organized. So let’s get started – call us today (09084999920) to start the conversation! Obviously, this plan just focuses on your print ad marketing efforts. […]
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Everyday, we challenge ourselves and our clients to create strategically smart, provocative, bold ideas. We talk about being brave – a lot – creating work that gets noticed and achieves results. We’re forever on the hunt for fresh ideas, whether in Street Marketing, Roadshow Marketing, Flyer & Leaflets Distribution, Bus Sticker Advertising and Branding, Creative Design, Web sites, Social Media and more.

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