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GATE Academy: Discover How To Prepare Your Child For Academic Excellence

It is said that there is no better investment of time and resources than education. And if you’ve got a kid, the stakes are even higher. How do you entrust the education of your child in the comfort of your home to a total stranger? GATE Academy understands the dilemma parents go through in picking out top-notch educators who are the same time trustworthy.  Gate […]
by Dera Joyce / May 31, 2018 /In Flyer Distribution

Massilia Motors: Sole Distributors of Mitsubishi Motor, Reveals What It Takes to Become Nigeria’s Top Automobile Distributor

Ever since CFAO Group and the Chanrai Group joined forces to birth Massilia Motors, they’ve been the sole distributor of Mitsubishi Motors in Nigeria. Of course, Mitsubishi cars require no introduction, as they are recognized for producing, top-quality, solid automobiles. In conjunction with Mitsubishi Motors, Massilia Motors offers exceptional value and superior customer service unmatched anywhere in the automotive industry.  Massilia Motors proves their worth by solving one of the major problems car owners face, which […]
by Dera Joyce / May 28, 2018 /In Flyer Distribution

Real-Time Snapshots from Cars45 Campaign (May 2017) | Creative Ways to Distribute Flyers

Car45 is a technology company that buys, sells, prices, and rates the condition of pre-owned autos. using a Smartphone App. SkillPatron is in charge of their main offline marketing acquisition channel all over Lagos. The Cars45 process begins online, where owners enter their vehicle information for a free quote. They can then schedule an appointment […]
by CityMarketing / August 28, 2017 /In Flyer Distribution