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CityMarketing has been a leading bus branding company in Nigeria for over 5 years. CityMarketing, a division of SkillPatron specializes in providing branding solution with car wrap advertising on BRT vehicles.

Over the years, we have designed and printed branding communication materials for all types of vehicles including: cars, trucks, vans, buses amongst others.

Why Choose CityMarketing For Your BRT Bus Branding?

  • Availability of qualified team of installers
  • A full design and print team
  • Outstanding and eye catching graphic designs
  • It will promote your product and services round the clock
  • We are an efficient and effective way to reach potential customers instantly

If you are mapping out your budget for advertising, you could go for affordable and interesting options that will help you save money and also deliver value. Choose to use all avenues available in the business, this will often ensure you get good returns by making the advertisements in effective and simple ways.

By branding BRT buses for the purpose of advertising your products or services, you effectively attract a large number of audiences wherever it goes.

BRT bus branding and designs have gained more importance in recent years. It has become part of the primary and the most popular choice of many businesses in Nigeria. We help you with the best design and graphics which you require for your advertisements purposes.

One advantage of advertising with CityMarketing is that you will not only attract the local customers, but also the national customers as well. Furthermore, it will largely depend on the nature of your business and the cost involved for the advertisement purposes.

The branding can be anything from a business name, contact details, movie release/premiere, graphical interpretation, or even a part of a marketing campaign that is running. What this means is that, the graphics on the BRT are as flexible as you want them to be.

Also an advantage is the fact that the vehicle wraps are removable. When the graphics on the BRT is no longer required by you, you choose to change the message and the graphics, it can easily be removed and replaced; you can easily get it removed. Also, if a new graphic is required, that can be arranged as it involves a simple and uncomplicated process.

You will notice that a large number of businesses and organizations go for the option of BRT bus branding as they involve less cost and also helps their business to be set apart, as well as to drive more attention towards the business or service. You may also notice many of these vehicles on the streets of Lagos.



Use CityMarketing to grow your number of walk-in customers, online orders, inbound phone calls, email & social media enquiries – by faultlessly executing street marketing activation campaigns using smart promo girls on skates; leaflet distribution; newspaper inserts; eCommerce; Google search advertising; social media marketing; BRT bus/keke fleet advertising & roadshows in the busiest hangout spots, traffic routes, markets, malls, hotels, schools, mosques & churches all over Nigeria.


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