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Flyer Distributors wanted for Flyer Distribution at SkillPatron CityMarketing.

Flyer Distributors Needed for Flyer Distribution at SkillPatron CityMarketing

At SkillPatron CityMarketing – flyer distributors hand out flyers, handbills, leaflets or any other promotional materials to promote new openings, products, services, events, venues or establishments for our clients. The flyer distribution job is referred to as “flyering” in the trade. As a flyer distributor at SkillPatron you will be employed to help market an […]
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X-Men: Dark Phoenix – Street Marketing & Flyer Distribution

This campaign was spread over 3 days targeting young & middle aged students, workers & residents who study/live/work within a 2 mile radius of the busiest schools, malls, traffic spots, supermarkets, churches, mosques, social hangouts and other selected public places in Ikeja, Surulere & Yaba (or as was communicated via the Whatsapp Support Group created […]
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