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How to Give the Best Customer Experience

Whether you want a successful online business these days, it is not enough to simply make a sale or sell off your product. You have to find a way to make your customers fall in love with your business, to give customers a reason to form an emotional connection with your company. Vendors and business owners […]
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Fumigation: A Complete Guide

The act of fumigation is the ultimate method of controlling pests. Fumigation is known to be a last resort if every other process has been deemed unsuccessful. SkillPatron’s fumigation service department provides effective and efficient fumigation service where all other methods have failed especially where there is a serious problem with particular specie of pests. […]
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Social Media Advertising Mistakes Businesses Must Avoid

In as much as many steps exist to achieve success when it comes to social media advertising, there are just as many ways to fail. If you are investing money into marketing then, you ultimately want to see positive results. Are you making any of these common mistakes with your social media ad campaign? It […]
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Solutions to Problems Encountered by Marketing Agencies

Hard as it may seem but it is difficult to imagine our world without marketing.  Daily, we are accustomed to seeing adverts, newsletters, brochures, email campaigns everywhere. Greatly influenced by modern technological solutions, it has become even more integral and customized than ever. Nonetheless, getting to know your target audience, trying to engage them and […]
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Get your Business out there Using BRT Bus Branding

CityMarketing has been a leading bus branding company in Nigeria for over 5 years. CityMarketing, a division of SkillPatron specializes in providing branding solution with car wrap advertising on BRT vehicles. Over the years, we have designed and printed branding communication materials for all types of vehicles including: cars, trucks, vans, buses amongst others. Why Choose […]
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Church Flyers Design: Do’s and Don’ts

In an era of digitization, we still fall back on traditional print media, producing church flyers, posters, news sheets, hymn sheets, handouts, the list is endless. The use of print is still very much relevant for informing church attendees, for outreach and also evangelism. These helpful tips should serve as pointers to enable you deliver […]
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Brand Activation Ideas to Get You Started

If you are searching for ideas and inspiration on how to grow your brand awareness, otherwise known as brand activation, then you are at the right place.    These tips will help you connect with your target audience in ways that will increase your returns in no time. Business owners and marketing executives are constantly […]
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Offline Advertising Vs Online Advertising

With the proliferation of the internet and social media and continuation of the use of traditional marketing, by even the most successful businesses, makes it important that your decision on the right choice of medium to market your brand is well informed to prove beneficial. In an era mostly dominated by businesses of all sizes […]
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The Power of Advertising

Without advertising today, it is nearly impossible to get your products or service to the right audience. Advertising simply put, is an act of influencing the purchasing power of potential and existing customers. Below are few key benefits of advertising: Brand Visibility If you choose to conduct your advertising campaign through social media, pay-per-click online […]
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Tips To Successful Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Business

Over the years, real estate industry has had some interesting ups and down. There is fierce competition and to really thrive in this space, you will need to engage the services of online and offline marketing strategies to distinguish yourself from the pack. Real estate marketing is simply the promotion of your property business through […]
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