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How to Measure the effectiveness of Print Advertising Campaign

When you run a digital advertising campaign, you can monitor click-through rates (CTR) through social media engagements and goal tracking in Google Analytics to see how the campaign is fairing. With these tools, you can adapt the campaign if you are not getting the desired results. It is also important to track print advertising campaigns […]
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Seeking To Write a Winning Blog Post?

There are tons of tutorials available on the internet that seems to show and encourage you on how to write a blog post. This post aims to teach a big dreamer a step to step guide on how to write a winning blog post that cuts through the noise on the internet. This guide will […]
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Debunking Entrepreneurial Myths

Approximately two in every 10 people worldwide have a business or are considering the idea of starting a business. Many entrepreneurs launch a business to pursue opportunity. On the other hand, some entrepreneurs do so out of sheer necessity because it is the most promising way to earn a living. Whatsoever may be your reason, […]
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Starting a Business with no Money?

Most times, it is overwhelming and complicated to come up with a business idea and following through with starting a business. A lot of factors have to be considered; coming up with an idea, registering the business, business plan, fundraising and many more. The following factors are key points to consider before delving into a […]
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Tips to Increase Audience Engagement at Events

To continuously host successful events, it is important to increase audience engagement. Hosting event is a critical component of any brand’s marketing strategy because one-on-one is the best way to engage current and potential customers. This engagement makes the event fun, interactive and makes room for brand growth, awareness and expansion. To ensure that your […]
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Effective Offline Marketing Ideas

Many people believe these days that digital marketing is the only way to get positive results. Asides the fact that this may be true for a particular target market, most of the best marketing idea takes place offline. A good marketer is one who combines both online and offline ideas seamlessly as a complete package. […]
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Tips on how to use blogging as a marketing tool

A blog rich in content cannot be over overstated. Blogging can make an enormous difference for your business in today’s marketing space. Having a blog is an avenue of sharing regular, current content with your existing or potential audience. It gives the opportunity to create contents that portray what your business has been doing and […]
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Importance of Branding

More than just a memorable logo, quality branding increases the value of a business. It also provides employees with direction and makes getting new customers easier. Now what is a brand? Simply put, branding is everything. It is safe to say that it is the sum of people’s perception of a company’s customer service, advertising, […]
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Public Relations Vs Advertising

A lot of establishments like to believe that advertising and public relations (PR) play the same role for their business and if they engage in advertising, they do not require PR. In actuality, these two have completely different roles for any business which are important to understand in order to help your reach audience and […]
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How to Give the Best Customer Experience

Whether you want a successful online business these days, it is not enough to simply make a sale or sell off your product. You have to find a way to make your customers fall in love with your business, to give customers a reason to form an emotional connection with your company. Vendors and business owners […]
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