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Points to Remember for Brand Campus Activation

If your brand is launching a new line that could use some hype or needs to get more recognition or is basically just starting up, a campus activation campaign can be great in setting the ball rolling in the right direction. Every brand has a unique audience for individualized goal, therefore, you have to personalize […]
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Dodo Pizza Launches in Lagos

The brand Dodo Pizza is a modern style pizza outlet and other fast food items. It was founded in 2011 in Russia to offer a contemporary style for dining in or take out and commit only of the highest standards. A holistic attention is paid to quality and choice of ingredients to make sure that […]
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Yabatech and Unilag Campus Activation for Vlisco Nigeria

When it comes to high quality and premium fabrics, textile, and fashion, very few brands can successfully boast of firmly established roots and strong staying power in the African continent like Vlisco. Vlisco brand has flourished based on its relationship with African consumers more particularly African women since the late nineteenth century and has continued […]
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All You Need To Know About Billboard Advertising in Nigeria

Billboard advertising is a popular means of advertising located outdoors, usually near an interstate or highway. Diverse types of businesses and organizations advertise on billboards across Nigeria, including churches, retail shops and restaurants. Even though billboards have changed dramatically over the years, their purpose has remained the same. The history of billboard advertising can be […]
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Let CityMarketing Drive Your Awareness Campaign in Lagos

It’s that time of the year again when the people of God gather in reverence at the feet of the Master in deep intercession. It is the much anticipated Prophetic Prayer Conference taking place at the revered David Christian Centre on the 22nd of February, 2020. 10am prompt. It promises to be a memorable event […]
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CityMarketing: Your Sticker Advertising Best Plug!

To gain visibility in today’s marketing world can prove difficult sometimes, however, a few forms of advertising are as tried and true as ‘good old-fashioned’ sticker advertising. It has been proven to get people’s attention. Sticker advertising has been used by corporations, musicians, social movements, small business and brands, politicians, education and everyone with an […]
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